People Are Sharing Movies That Aren't "Super Well-Made," But Are Still, Somehow, The Absolute Best

A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at a viral Reddit thread asking, "What movie do you absolutely love, yet acknowledge is not a super well-made movie?" and the excellent choices in that roundup inspired even MORE awesome entries from our very own BuzzFeed Community!

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So, with that in mind, here are even more underappreciated movies people believe deserve more love:

1.Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984)

A group of dancers in colorful clothing move to music
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"I may be showing my age here, but this needs to be on the list. Hilariously bad acting, but the dancing is awesome and this movie was in heavy rotation in the early days of HBO when I was a kid."


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2.Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007)

A man poses with three chipmunks
20thcentfox / ©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

"I love the first live action film. I think it's sweet and adorable."


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3.Police Academy (1984)

A man wearing a shirt with the words "One in the oven" written on it talks to a policeman
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"The first movie. I mean, it was ridiculous on purpose, but there were so many un-PC things in it that it's become MORE ridiculous as time has gone on, and I love it. I will never hear that music, 'Da-dah-dah-dah-dah-DUM!' and not think of the Blue Oyster Bar. My brother and I (over 50, both of us) still quote it to each other."


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4.Scary Movie (2000)

A woman runs between a "safety" and "death" sign
Dimension Films / ©Dimension Films/Courtesy Everett Collection

"Mine are the first three Scary Movie movies. A lot of people don’t like the humor, but my friends and I can quote pretty much everything from those movies. They’re absolute classics in my mind!"


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5.White Chicks (2004)

Two men are disguised as women with prosthetics
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"Absolutely stupid, but I can watch it over and over again!"


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6.Re-Animator (1985)

A man with a shot vial standing in front of a "restricted area" sign
Empire Pictures / ©Empire Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

"It's so bad, it's good. Dry humor and schlocky horror effects, but damn, what a great, entertaining flick!"


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7.She’s the Man (2006)

A young woman dressed up as a young boy

"I used to watch this everyday in high school, and I loved it!"


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8.Con Air (1997)

A man with long hair and a beard smiles at someone off screen
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"It never stops being silly, but it blows stuff up real good! Plus, I never get tired of hearing Nic Cage say, 'Don't touch the bunny!'"


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9.Center Stage (2000)

A female dancer is held by two male dancers
Columbia Pictures / ©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

"Utterly wooden acting, completely impossible costume changes, and I LOVE IT."

—Christina Rothenbeck, Facebook

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10.Swordfish (2001)

  Warner Bros / ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection
Warner Bros / ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

"John Travolta's typical John Woo over-the-top villainy, a rare non-Wolverine Hugh Jackman action role, pre-MCU Don Cheadle, and 'that' Halle Berry scene — but somehow it all just works for me. I saw it in theaters a bunch of times, wore out my DVD copy, and still to this day I love it."


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11.Tank Girl (1995)

woman in a leather jacket staring ahead
United Artists / ©United Artists/Courtesy Everett Collection

"OMFG. Lori Petty, Ice T, and Malcolm MacDowell! So cheesy. So good. I love love love it! It's so out there and so funny with great '90s music. Everyone hated it, and I think Lori Petty’s career kind of took a bad turn there for a bit, but she was so good in it."


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12.Suicide Squad (2016)

A man in a bullet proof vest stares at a vibrantly dressed woman
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"The one with Will Smith. It’s so bad, but I watched it with my friends four times in a row during hurricane Irma here in Florida a few years back."


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13.Pearl Harbor (2001)

Three men in military garb sit together, looking distressed
Touchstone Pictures / ©Touchstone Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

"I once argued with my film professor about it. The cinematography is GORGEOUS, the music is emotionally stunning, it’s literally the only time Michael Bay’s love of explosions was appropriate, and the story was sweet (if not a bit predictable). Plus, it spotlights real-life war heroes like Doris Miller."


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14.A Night at the Roxbury (1998)

Two men in silly suits stand together
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"One of my favorite 'bad' movies. God help me, but I love that movie. It makes me laugh every time!"


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15.Spice World (1997)

elanie Brown as Scary Spice, Emma Bunton as Baby Spice, Melanie Chisholm as Sporty Spice, Geri Halliwell as Ginger Spice, Victoria Beckham as Posh Spice
Columbia Pictures / ©Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Co / Everett Collection

"Yeah, this will ALWAYS be at the top of my list (followed closely by The Cutting Edge). As a grown-ass 21-year-old, I was blessed to see this five times in the theater, and the last three times, I was the only attendee. IT WAS MY VERY OWN CONCERT AND I ACTED ACCORDINGLY. No regrets."


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16.Deep Blue Sea (1999)

A man stands in front of a deep sea diving
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"The plot is absolutely ridiculous, but there is just something about these people being trapped in an enclosed space with pissed off, super smart sharks that is absolutely entertaining."


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17.Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)

A man dressed as Elvis is surrounding by people
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"It's SO ridiculous, yet highly enjoyable to watch. Bruce Campbell is just lovely in this film. My partner and I made it our 'holiday' movie, so between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we watch it."


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18.Masters of the Universe (1987)

A group of people stand together, celebrating
© Cannon Films / courtesy Everett Collection, Photo by: Everett Collection

"I just rewatched this and feel it belongs on the list. The story is batshit crazy, the acting swings between unhinged to unwatchable, and the special effects are poor even for the time period. That being said, I can watch it over and over. If for nothing else, then to see Meg Foster’s facial expressions."


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19.Lake Placid (1999)

An older woman walks a large cow on a farm
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"Oliver Platt as an unhinged pseudo-scientist, Bridget Fonda as the uptight, jilted straight man, Bill Pullman as the small-town cop who hates people from the 'big city,' an alligator-infested lake in Maine, and freakin' Betty White?! It is literally the perfect movie."


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20.Super Mario Bros (1993)

Two people in colorful suits dance together
Buena Vista Pictures / ©Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

"I love this movie even though it is probably the worst video game movie of all time. It’s great because it's so stupid. And I’m sure we’ll be pining away for Bob Hoskin’s Mario when we’re stuck with Chris Pratt’s."


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21.Fantastic Four (2015)

A group of four people stand in front of a bright light
20thcentfox / ©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

"I love it. It is not a guilty pleasure movie for me, because I am not guilty of anything — I genuinely enjoy it and believe I am the only person who has!"


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22.Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)

A man sits with a sick woman in her bed
Lions Gate / ©Lions Gate/Courtesy Everett Collection

"It is a wild, ridiculous, absolutely garbage horror rock opera. Paris Hilton, Anthony Head, Alexa Vega, Bill Moseley — it's a mess. Most of the acting is cringe, the storyline doesn't make a lot of sense, and there are massive plot holes and things left unexplained, but I love it. I love it so much. I think I've made everyone in my life watch it at least once, though it's probably closer to 50–70 times for my wife."


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23.Kaena: The Prophecy (2003)

An animated woman hides in a tree
Samuel Goldwyn Films / ©Samuel Goldwyn Films/Courtesy Everett Collection

"This one isn’t widely known, but it’s an early CGI movie in a weird art style with an odd but engaging plot line. It has some pretty big-name voices, too, like Kirsten Dunst and Angelica Huston. It's also one of Richard Harris’ last films before his death."


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24.Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

A man and a woman stand close in a night club
Buena Vista Pictures / ©Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

"With Angelina Jolie and Nic Cage. It's awful, but I love it and watch it all the time. The whole snake scene in the Hummer is epic. The bad guy with the 'wood' thing who gets upset when the chair breaks. Awesome. It's legitimately awful and fabulous at the same time."


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25.Street Fighter (1994)

A man roundhouse kicks another man
(c) Columbia Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

"I've always loved the live-action one with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia. There are definitely places it could have been improved, but as a light comedy/martial-arts flick, it's so much better than people give it credit for."


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26.King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

A man pulls a sword from a stone
Warner Bros / ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

"The plot is way too packed, the opening scene is ridiculous, the dialogue is a bit forced, the CGI fight scenes are absurd, and I love every damn second of it. I'm a sucker for a King Arthur story, and I liked the unique approach this one had. While I understand why it bombed at the box office and the planned sequels were scrapped, I'm still intensely disappointed because I would have loved to see what else they did with the King Arthur legend!"


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27.And finally: Grease 2 (1982)

A man and a woman embrace, nearly kissing
Paramount / ©Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection

"Yes, it's 'bad'...but sometimes 'bad' movies are good!"


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You've read their picks, but now it's your turn! What movie do you love, even if you can fully admit it's not winning any fancy-schmancy awards? Share your pick(s) in the comments below! Oh! And be sure to check out the initial list to see if your fave is on there, as well!

Some responses were edited for length and/or clarity.