16 Unexpected Stories About Why People Had To Dump Their Childhood BFF When They Were Adults

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us why they ended a lifelong friendship from childhood. The stories they had were messyyyyyy. Here some of the most shocking ones:

1."She was supposed to be my transport (using my car) after surgery. As soon as I got into surgery, she took off with my car, all my clothes, and my purse and took off. My sister was my emergency contact (she was at work at the time) and had to come get me. The staff gave me scrubs to wear home. I wasn't able to fill any of my prescriptions because I had no ID or insurance cards. It took me two days to get my car and possessions back, and somehow, she blamed me for all of this."


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2."My best friend since kindergarten and I did everything together. When we hit our 20s, we both started dating our now husbands. We were all in the same friend group, so everyone was in each other's business. I started to hear some not-so-great things about my best friend's boyfriend, but I didn't do anything about it right away. Things got worse, and the stuff I was hearing about started happening right in front of me. After one weekend, while my best friend was out of town, her boyfriend basically cheated on her right in front of me, and that's just the cherry on top of the other things he did. That was the last straw for me, so I sat her down and told her everything I had heard and witnessed. She broke up with him, but they ended up getting right back together."

"Once they got back together, we were never the same. We tried a few times to reconnect, but there was always something in the way. It's been over a decade now, and we have not spoken, and truthfully, I don't know if I could ever let her back in, there's just too much history. I still think she is my soulmate, though."


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3."As soon as she started dating the guy she eventually married, she third-wheeled me. I don’t roll with that, so I bowed out. The more I thought about our relationship, the more I realized she always treated me like I wasn’t quite her equal."


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4."I had been friends for 25 years. All of a sudden, while we were hanging, she, without us arguing or anything, told me, 'I almost forgot to tell you... I don't wanna hang out as often anymore!' I asked if I had done something wrong, and she said nothing. A few weeks ago, she called me to catch up. She started talking about not meeting as often anymore again. I asked: 'I gotta know, did I do anything to you?' She said, 'Nah but I have to tell you sometime, might as well tell you now. I never liked hanging out with you. It was always so boring.'"

"I was heartbroken. She would call me to meet up more often than I would (we both initiated contact) and would suggest activities to do. It has been 25 years, would you stick with me for soooo long if you never liked it?"


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5."We became friends in seventh grade and stayed supposed best friends until we were 25. She was pretty narcissistic and was hiding a lot of things from me, but told those same things to, like, every other friend we had. My breaking point was when she didn’t attend my dad’s funeral who she’d known for the last 14 years."


6."I was always the single friend. My two best friends were always in relationships, and their boyfriends were around 24/7. I was ol’ reliable to them. They expected me to always be around and be there for them. When I finally met someone, they had an issue with how much time I was spending with him and not with them. I decided to move in with him, and when I moved out, they sent me horrible messages and told me what an awful person I was. That was the last contact I had with them. I am now happily married to that man."


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7."I had my baby two months before her wedding. She was getting married on an island in Spain while I live in the UK. My baby couldn’t get her passport on time to be able to fly, and we were told about this pretty much straight when we applied for her passport. As soon as I told my friend, she told me that since I got pregnant she knew I wouldn’t be attending her wedding. She stopped talking to me pretty much straight away, and never asked about my daughter who was her goddaughter. On her wedding day, I sent her a long message wishing her to have the most beautiful day, and she replied two days after, saying, 'Thank you. It was very nice.' We had two more conversations in the next few months before she decided to not answer me again."


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8."She and I had been friends since we were 9. I even moved across the country to be close to her and her husband when they found out they were having a second child, who sadly ended up passing away minutes after birth. I supported her emotionally and physically for years. Cut to us at age 40. She's started an online affair with a random guy nine states away. She then tried to involve me in her plan to leave her husband (with whom I was also friends with), take her kids, and disappear. I peaced out real quick."


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9."A friend of mine learned a few months ago that two of her closet friends catfished her when they were in high school by pretending to be their own boyfriends so they could catch her being a terrible friend. She did try to seduce and flirt with the boyfriends, so I guess the cat-fishers felt they were right. They only stopped when they realized a lot of people were in the know. They kept the secret for over 10 years and finally shamefully admitted it."


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10."We'd been friends since we were 9 years old, and friends almost 20 years when it ended. She called me up tearfully one afternoon and said she couldn't be my maid of honor anymore. Why? Her husband had given her an ultimatum: me or HIM. And why the ultimatum? He had gotten a DUI, and if she had gone, no one could drive him around or to a class that he supposedly couldn't miss, even though I had invited them with plenty of time to make other arrangements. I brushed it off, trying to keep my head high because these things happen, but what set me off was that the day of my wedding, she didn't even call or send a card. Nothing."

"Just went silent on me. I emailed her asking why she didn't even bother to contact me, and she had said that her husband told her not to and that he will always come first, and now that I was married, I would understand. Hell no. I ended it right there. I had always been her second, ALWAYS. Just took my wedding to finally wake up and realize it."


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11."She made me feel horrible about myself ALL THE TIME, and being with her was exhausting. Growing up she always had a reputation for being a 'mean girl,' but we were in a lot of the same activities, and she was fiercely loyal to me and my family. But she was mean, had a bad attitude, gossiped, and always had something negative to say. As we got older, she never grew out of it. I'm glad I cut the cord."


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12."I ended my friendship with my lifelong friend last year. They were spiraling out of control quickly, and it was pretty rough. They still live at home, don't have a job, and don't do anything to actively try to better their own life. They spent months blaming me for all of their problems, and they would get verbally abusive at times. They accused me of very delusional things that had zero basis in reality. It came to a head when they threatened to kill me. They've got nothing to lose which is a terrifying thing."


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13."We were friends since we were 10 when I moved to Florida from Georgia. We were in school together and even college. She moved up north for work, and I went back to Florida. We stayed close and made sure to see each other every year. Fast-forward 15 years, I'm living with my boyfriend, and she came to visit. She shared she was getting divorced, and we spent all weekend together just crying and being there for each other. The morning I was supposed to take her to the airport, she stated she had a headache. She was going to take a later flight. I had to go to work, and my boyfriend said he would take her to the airport as he was off that day. Fast-forward a month later, and I find out they slept together and were sexting the entire time. So gross. I said bye to both."


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14."I ended a lifelong friendship from childhood when my best friend of 47 years told me that my daughter who is a professor at a large university faked her credentials and slept her way to the top. This is after my daughter worked her way through college, got two master's degrees, and won countless awards. It was heart-wrenching to think someone I have known for so long would not be proud of all the accomplishments my daughter achieved."


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15."She got so heavy into conspiracies that every time we spoke, it was about how I was gonna die from the COVID vaccine. On top of being a flat-earther, she was a born-again Christian and got mad when I told her I didn't want to talk about Jesus."


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16.And finally, "After a 15-year friendship, my 'bestie' tried to be there for me when I was going through a rough patch in my marriage. Her way of support was telling me that he was abusive and reminding me of all the times he didn’t have a job and I had to carry us. The thing is that my husband has severe depression and anxiety, and some days for him, he couldn’t get out of bed. Those times when I was financially supporting us, he was trying not to kill himself. After I saw that she would never understand mental illness, I dumped her without an explanation. Just ghosted her."


Submissions were edited for length and/or clarity.