People Are Sharing Things That Were Totally Normal To Have Or Do 10 Years Ago, But Would Be Strange Today

Technology and trends move so quickly sometimes that we might not even notice when we stop using certain apps or stop doing once normal things like renting a movie from the video store.

Hilary Duff holding a CD player
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And recently, Reddit user Oliver_OB brought up that very topic when they asked: "What existed 10 years ago but is gone or obsolete now?"

"It's been ten years!"
"It's been ten years!"


Well, lots of people responded — or is reminisced the better word (?) — to the thread with things that were common just 10 years ago, but totally out of date or completely gone today. Here are some of the top and best comments:


Vine app





"Me: Vine wasn't around 10 years ago, you idiot!

...Googles when Vine came out, 2012...

Me: ...fuck."


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2."Every movie being shown in 3D."

"The Amazing Spider-Man"
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3."How about AIM. I used that until Skype bought them out in... 2016? Then, Microsoft made it unusable to make people switch to Skype."



"You used AIM until 2016? Bro, are you in some kind of time dilation bubble?"


"What the fuck is a Skype? Is it like Discord or something?"


LGR / Via

4."Single-topic blogs. Remember those? Regretsy, Stuff White People Like, Cake Wrecks, People of Walmart, FML, Look at This Fucking Hipster, Shit My Dad Says, Awkward Family Photos, etc. Those things were everywhere from about 2007-'13, and then just sort of went away, though some live on, in a way, as subreddits now."

"Stuff White People Like"


"Autocorrect Fails were my favorites until they started manufacturing them on meme sites."


5."Good free apps/apps that you only had to pay once for."

A drinking app


"As an app creator, I can tell you that the old 'pay once use forever' model is totally broken with the modern mobile development. It’s literally unsustainable with the saturation and marketing costs.

I made a journaling app that was 'pay once use forever' that did cost, like, 5€, but I moved it into a free app with subscription for optional content and advanced features because I cannot both keep working on it and spending money on marketing."


hottrix / Via

6."BlackBerry phones."

BlackBerry phone


"I’m glad you said that. I was watching Cash Cab this morning, and they said you could play on your smart phone and showed a BlackBerry as the smart phone. I almost died laughing (it was an old episode; I don’t even think they make the show anymore)."


"BlackBerry phones. That shit looked like alien technology to me."


What Laptop magazine/Future via Getty Images

7."Netflix streaming that had everything in one fucking goddamn place."

Netflix Recently Watched


"I miss the old Netflix. They had an awesome catalog and some great, low-budget, terrible movies."


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8."Windows Phone. As an early adopter, I was forever left behind by the superior apps that were on Android and iOS, despite liking the phone itself. I hoped it would catch up, but it never did. :("

Windows phone


"I was on Windows Phone and WebOS. Cries in dead operating systems."


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9."Those stores that would sell items for you on eBay. You would bring the item to them, and they would take care of posting it on the site and shipping it. I don't see those anymore."

iSold It store
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10."Facebook without my extended family using it."

Facebook homepage


"Feels like 2009 was the last year FB was worth it. I dropped it completely in 2011."


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11."Leaving the house for a night out with a digital camera, MP3 player, and a phone. Sometimes, a whole iHome depending on where you’re going."

Kim Kardashian taking a selfie with a friend
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12."Portable GPS units."

Portable GPS unit
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13."TV. I think it's obsolete for almost all people in the whole world besides our grandparents."

An older couple watching TV


"True...even my parents are now streaming their old ass crime series.

And my friends and I went back to DVDs, Blu-rays, and movie nights at friends' places. xD"


Image Source / Getty Images/Image Source

14."I don't know when it stopped being a 'thing,' but I tried calling 4-1-1 directory assistance a couple of weeks ago, and well, I guess it doesn't exist anymore."

A woman wearing a telephone head set
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15."A good example would be taxis. Uber was founded in 2009 and later became a global phenomenon, basically destroying the traditional taxi industry overnight in most markets."

A row of taxis on the street
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16."iPods (I know Apple still sells the touch, but I don't count it)."

An older iPod


"MP3 players. Not software, but the the portable ones."


Cate Gillon / Getty Images

17."There was a lot of Tumblr porn online."

Tumblr sign-in page


"Tumblr porn, so much Tumblr porn."


Andy Hepburn - Pa Images / PA Images via Getty Images

18.And lastly: "Honestly, nowadays, because of streaming and stuff, I gotta say DVDs. They are becoming kinda obsolete."

Someone holding a stack of DVDs


"Are becoming? They've been obsolete for quite some time."


"Physical media. I freaking love DVDs and especially Blu-rays. The quality just isn't the same with streaming. It's a shame 4K Blu-ray will be the last physical media ever. It's the end of the line."


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You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.