People Are Sharing The Absolute Wildest Things They've Witnessed Happen At Weddings, And These Are So Dramatic, They're Like A Movie

Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the wildest thing they've ever witnessed at a wedding.

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Here's what they had to say, along with some responses from this Reddit thread that were too good not to include!

1."Wedding photographer here. Easily the worst was when the father of the groom, apparently entirely sober, gave a 10-minute toast that devolved into openly complaining that his son got to have sex with the bride and he didn't. And this wasn't a mistimed joke about how pretty she was; this was a full-on lament about growing old and how women didn't find him attractive anymore, and that all he wanted was to take his daughter-in-law to bed."


2."Not my story but my friend's, and actually it was at her cousin's wedding reception. When the guests sat down at the tables, everyone had an envelope on a plate with pictures of the bride in...ahem...a compromising situation with (I think) the best man. The bride cheated on the groom both when they were dating and when they were engaged, which he found out shortly before their wedding. The groom had no mercy and I respect that."


3."After the ceremony, everyone got up except one very old and frail-looking lady who — it transpired — had passed away [during the nuptials]."

"The reception was rather subdued."


cartoon character saying, oh my lord she's dead

4."It was a same-sex wedding. One of the grooms was caught heavily — and I mean HEAVILY — making out and groping with his EX boyfriend…he was caught by his new mother-in-law. The groom was high on diet pills, opioids, and a gallon or two of vodka. The guilty groom checked into rehab two days later and the happy couple are still together…a decade later."


5."My cousin was arrested at my wedding reception. He decided to steal a golf cart at the country club where the reception was held."

"When he gave the security team a hard time, they called the local police. I was unaware of the situation until I saw them putting him into the back of the cop car. I looked to my parents and told them that I could speak with the officers, considering I was in full bridal dress. My father gritted his teeth and said, 'You turn around, smile and go back to the guests who managed NOT to get arrested at your wedding.' My cousin's wedding was the following year, and my mother kept making vague threats about what she would do."


6."My mother remarried three years ago to a Fire Chief of a major city. During the wedding ceremony, after the vows and right before my new stepfather was about to speak, one of my worst fears as a parent happened. I had just quietly told my daughter of five at the time to sit in her chair correctly (she was sitting on her knees in the chair trying to see amongst the crowd of tables). As she was transitioning to sit on her butt, she missed her hand placement on the table, slipped, and fell to the floor with the fork that she was eating cake with lodging directly into the back of her scalp."

"This caused a huge commotion, she started screaming, and everyone at the wedding party came rushing over to my daughter (most were first responders, EMS or police) — they all just started working immediately. The fork cut enough into her head that she needed staples. We completely ruined the last half of my mother's wedding rushing my daughter to the hospital. Extremely awkward."


7."My SO’s parents witnessed this at an Irish wedding: the groom held a toast thanking the Best Man for doing so much for him and anything he asked for...and ended with '...but I don’t remember asking you to fuck my wife.' And walked out. Turns out it was true as well."


man saying you fucked my wife and another responding with his hands up saying, i fucked your wife
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8."At the 'who objects' part the mothers of both yelled at each other about their kid deserves better...they still went on with the wedding. Their first dance was with their two dogs and not each other."

"They separated three months later!"


9."The groom ran full sprint around the wedding reception hall double fisting bottles of beer. He slipped on the ground and dislocated both of his hips. His father popped them both back in while the groom screamed through tears (while still clutching the beers)."


10."I used to work as a banquet server at a VERY expensive banquet center. $100k weddings were the norm. One wedding I was working, stepmom of the groom called the bride a slut, so mother of the bride punched stepmom of the groom in the face."

"Stepbrother of the groom tried to get in on the action, and we ended up having to kick out stepmom and stepbrother and make sure they didn't sneak back into to the reception for the rest of the night. Some other relatives of the stepmom and stepbrother ended up leaving too, but the rest of the wedding reception partied on without any further drama, thankfully!"


11."When our son got married, we had a very nice catered dinner at a local facility. The caterer was not affiliated with the facility. ... People started dropping from food poisoning. The state department of health got involved after someone called them and took all the leftovers from us. We never did find out exactly what the source was. I always felt it was something in the facility's kitchen — it was possibly the dirtiest place I've ever seen. The food though was delicious, even though probably 40–50 percent of the guests got sick."


woman saying, oh my god you got food poisoning and the rest of the bridal party scurrying around to find a bathroom
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12."My mother, in the middle of the reception, proceeded to tell people I married the wrong person and named who I should have married — and yes, they were a guest."


13."During the wedding reception, one of the bridesmaids, the groom's sister, got into a physical altercation with a female guest at the wedding, over a man that both were interested in. I was the maid of honor. I was locked in a stall in the bathroom where the altercation was happening. There was screaming and hair-pulling that eventually got the attention of the other guests who all piled into the bathroom and broke up the fight. Then the police came."

"No one was arrested but it was the wildest thing I've ever experienced at a wedding."


14."I was a bridesmaid in a wedding that was held in a barn during the summer. As the vows were being said, a bird flew into one of the fans above us and then fell on the ground right in front of us. Its wing fell right next to it. The children in the audience screamed and the bridesmaids screamed but the bride and groom had no idea what happened. I think it was a bad omen because the couple is now divorced."


15."The bride's older brother gave a speech where he talked about how he changed her diaper when she was a baby. He then told the groom that because of this, he (the brother) 'saw her first.'"

"It was super gross and cringy."


guy saying, hey tough guy the girl's mine i saw her first

16."I was a photographer at a gorgeous, high-dollar wedding. Bride and groom were both young and extremely attractive. But during the reception, the groom got increasingly drunk and at one point he and his best man were absolutely GRINDING on the dance floor — their faces barely an inch apart, looking like they were about to kiss, and not even trying to hide it."

"I happened to be talking to the bride when she spotted it, and just giggled, saying, 'Gosh, those two are SO SILLY together!' Less than two months later, she called to say she'd no longer need an album and wondering if I'd give her a partial refund. Turns out she caught the groom and the best man having sex in their bed. Not so silly, after all!"


17."One of the groomsmen was dancing with the maid of honor and they did a dip maneuver. The problem with this being that the maid of honor's dress was strapless and her boobs had recently swelled up (she was pregnant) so that maneuver made them pop right out of the top of her dress in front of the whole dance floor."


18."Priest was asking the groom if his new bride and his mother (who was seated in the first row) were both drowning in a river and he could only save one, who would he save? And he (priest) refused to proceed with the ceremony until a choice was made."


man tellling two others, you choose one and kill the other, mycroft or john watson

19."My aunt's wedding, one of her bridesmaids was a former party girl who couldn't stop herself from having a good time when any opportunity came up, which meant not keeping an eye on her child. In general she let this kid do anything — he was about nine and like the epitome of a spoiled only-child mommy's boy. He even had a tantrum in the middle of the ceremony because she wasn't paying attention to him, but that's not where it went bad. During the reception, he ran around shoveling in food, and somehow got his hands on beer. Everyone was having fun so no one noticed. Until he threw up on the dance floor — like, fully projectile vomited."

"My uncle was quick and shielded my aunt from any splashback. I was around eight at the time and I couldn't believe his behavior, let alone his mom's behavior for letting him run wild. That's the wedding that made me decide that if and when I get married, it'll be a child-free wedding."


20."I was a wedding DJ for many years. The two wildest things I have seen are: 1. The parents of the bride were divorced and the father was at the wedding with his significantly younger girlfriend. It was obvious that no one there really approved of her. During the reception, people were giving toasts to the new couple. The father then begins to give his toast, at which time he gets on one knee and proposes to his girlfriend in front of everyone with mic in hand…AT HIS DAUGHTER'S WEDDING. All of this was to the shock and awe of all attendees. It was dead quiet in the room…except for the ecstatic new fiancé."

"2. I was at a wedding where the bride was eight and a half months pregnant. She was 18 and they waited to get married until she graduated high school. The best man at the wedding was roommates with the groom and during his toast, he decided to give a long and drawn-out toast about quizzing the groom to see ‘if she’s the one’. The punchline to this whole story was that the best man jokes that he slept with the bride to ‘test her out’. Dead silence in the room as no one found it funny."


21."My good friend and coworker invited me as his plus one to his IDENTICAL TWINS cousin's wedding. Twins, as in both were getting married at the same time, same venue. A bit confused, I asked him why they decided to get married on the same day. And with a smirk, he said, 'oh that's not the weirdest part. My cousins are getting married to IDENTICAL TWINS AS WELL!!!" In complete disbelief, he showed me a picture of the four of them on holiday somewhere. Day of the wedding (huge wedding, btw, 200+ people) I watched two identical grooms and two identical brides walk down the aisle for their combined ceremony. To this day, I have never seen anything like it. Mind-blown."


22."My husband's cousin's wedding was the most awkward wedding I have ever been to. The reception had a super weird lightsaber battle between the groomsmen and bridesmaids. It was super uncomfortable to watch."

"Plus it was a dry wedding because the bride and her family are crazy religious. So everyone was out in the parking lot drinking beer courtesy of the groom's dad, lol."


scene from star wars with text that says imagine if this happened at a wedding

23."My relative had a cow-themed wedding at a chicken restaurant. The bridesmaids dressed in black, bride in white...not bad but the giant tiered cake had dozens of ceramic cows all over it. Two guests dressed up as a cow (one with the head and one with the back) and danced for the bride and groom. But the worst part — a groomsman got really drunk before the reception and ended up vomiting ALL over the head table, so the wait staff had to get the entire table clean and reset quickly. That groomsman laid on the restroom floor the rest of the reception. The good news? The bride and groom are still happily married over 30 years later. They are a great couple!"


24.And finally..."Really nice wedding in Palos Verdes, California. Private home just across the street from the ocean. Probably several million dollars for the house. Groom got drunk at the reception, tore his shirt off and started scooping handfuls of cake and throwing them at the guests. Me and the videographer got shots of it from a covered location. Not sure how long that marriage was going to last."


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