People Are Saying Spotify Wrapped Is "Calling Everyone Gay," And It's Actually Hilarious

It's that time of the year again, when Spotify Wrapped takes over our social media.

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This year hit differently when Spotify introduced "Sound Towns," which told everyone what city had similar music tastes to theirs, and almost everybody got one of three US cities: Berkeley, California; Cambridge, Massachusetts; or Burlington, Vermont.

Spotify's "And one place listened just like you" screen

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When it was jokingly pointed out that getting one of these three cities means "you're gay," I was ready to be offended, but then I got Berkeley. As a proud bisexual person, I was like, "Okay, maybe you right."

  Spotify, Polka Dot Images / Getty Images
Spotify, Polka Dot Images / Getty Images

Folks took the joke further and pointed out that beyond the "Sound Towns," Spotify had a dozen different ways of basically calling everyone gay, and they're too hilarious not to mention.

Perhaps you received a personal message where they explicitly say the "worst part of having Boygenius in your Spotify Wrapped" is "telling your family you're gay."

Spotify / Via Twitter: @bridgersmescal

Or maybe you got a shoutout from Troye Sivan, which means you managed to stream his month-old queer-forward album more than anything else for the entire year.

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I'm so happy to know I'm not alone. Here are more of the funniest tweets about Spotify Wrapped, basically telling everyone they're gay.

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