People Are Really Upset Again Over Kylie Jenner's Cornrows

From Seventeen

Here we go again. This time last year, Kylie Jenner was called out for wearing her hair in cornrows by the ~internet~ and also Amandla Stenberg, who went on to write an essay about cultural appropriation. Many said that while women of color are shamed for wearing their hair in braids, or having certain natural features (like bigger lips), white women like Kylie are praised for being "edgy" and "different."

One year later, Kylie is back in cornrows and people are NOT having it. Twitter blew up after fans saw her Instagram post.

Comments on Instagram are also racially charged. One user said: "This isn't some 'edgy trend' she's rebelliously dabbling in, she's just being plain insensitive and the excuse of an honest mistake doesn't apply anymore after all the drama the last time she wore cornrows."

Another pointed out that there's a difference between culture appreciation and culture appropriation. She states: "Culture appreciation is going to an Indian wedding wearing Indian traditional clothing as apart of the culture, but appropriation is taking something like corn rows and wearing them without knowing the culture behind it. People are mad because people like the Kardashians or more the Jenner never preach about black lives or any person of color lives at all but have things like corn rows and making it cool but people of color still get bashed for wearing them. It's the meaning behind it not the braid itself."

Others just want Kylie's avocado-print phone case. It's from Skinny Dip, and it's available now.

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