People Are Outraged Over The Rock's Latest Instagram Photo of His Daughter

Marisa LaScala

From Women's Health

Another day, another celebrity who feels the sting of parenting in the spotlight. This time, the target of the internet's ire is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Why anyone would try to pick a fight with someone as strong as Johnson is unfathomable, but commenters must be feeling brave. This time, the snide remarks started rolling in when he posted a photo of his daughter, Jasmine, 2, on Instagram.

The photo, which has now been removed, showed the proud dad in a pool with his arms open, ready to catch Jasmine, who was standing at the edge of the water. Instead of seeing it as a sweet bonding moment between father and daughter - one where he talked about how proud he is that his daughter is conquering her fears in the caption - many commenters zeroed in on the fact that it doesn't look like she's wearing a bathing suit. "As a mother to female human please cover her nakedness on media platforms," one commenter wrote."Why would you expose a young child’s body to millions of people?" another asked.

It's not that the comments are all one-sided. There are some proponents of swimming in the buff, too: "Glad to know my kid isn’t the only one that doesn’t wear a suit in the pool," one person wrote. "She’s a child, his child, not yours. If you don’t like what he posts unfollow him," said another.

The fact is, this photo is sweet, and not in the least bit salacious. Toddlers like to be naked. Swimming in the nude is one of life's greatest pleasures at that age. There's nothing unsafe abut this photo, either. The biggest danger to kids when it comes to pools is accidental drowning - drowning is the second-most common cause of death for kids age 1 to 4 - but you can see that Johnson is already taken the most important safety steps here: he's actively watching her, and there's a fence around the pool. The privacy concerns - and whether or not she'll be mad at him for posting this photo for millions of eyes when she gets older - well, that's between them. Let's just give him the benefit of the doubt, assume he slathered his daughter in sunscreen, and move on with our lives.

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