People are obsessed with this baby in curlers

It’s been a rough few days. So let’s all take a moment and look at this 8-day-old baby napping in tiny hair rollers, shall we?

People are obsessed with this baby in hair rollers. (Photo: Jessie Marrero Photography)
People are obsessed with this baby in hair rollers. (Photo: Jessie Marrero Photography)

The adorable video, shot by New Jersey-based photographer Jessie Marrero, has already been seen 5.3 million times on Facebook. The 20-second video shows baby Camila snoozing in a little luxe pink spa chair, surrounded by salon accessories like a teeny-tiny hair dryer, a strand of pearls, and miniature copies of women’s magazines. Like a good old-fashioned future young lady, she’s also wearing lace.

Marrero shot the video on her iPhone, and it quickly picked up speed across the web. She tells Yahoo Beauty that she “never imagined that a simple video would not only be viewed so many times, but shared by thousands.”

The rollers were part of a $75 wig that she just happened to pick up at baby vendor OffMyHooks — along with the toy hair dryer — a few weeks before the shoot. Marrero decided to arrange little Camila in the beauty-shop scene for the pics. “First thing I did was run nearby to a hair salon and borrow magazines! I knew I wanted more of a vintage salon-inspired look, so I grabbed that backdrop, lace and ruffles, and it was a wrap!” she says. “Once we were done, I asked if I could film a behind-the-scenes video, grabbed my iPhone, and here we are.”

Marrero is no stranger to internet fame — last year, she shot Coco and Ice-T’s baby girl, Chanel — but Roller Baby is already bringing in plenty of business. “This has definitely made a mark in my career, one I will embrace and never forget,” she tells us.

As for baby Camila, Marrero is shocked by how many of us apparently need to spend 20 seconds giggling at a cute baby. Baby photo shoots — they’re what the world needs more of now.

Roller Baby

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Posted by Jessie Marrero Photography on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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