People Can Name an Ex After a Rat or Roach at the San Antonio Zoo for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and if you find yourself alone on Valentine's day or you've recently ended a relationship, the San Antonio Zoo has the perfect way for you to celebrate.

By naming one of the zoo's less-than-adorable creatures after your ex-partner and then having this creature fed to a zoo animal.

The hilarious video was shared by the TikTok account for @sanantoniozoo to announce the upcoming promotion and TikTok users are here for it. @Jo comments, "I am begging you to release data about the most frequent names." I think there will be a couple of 'Chads' on this list, am I right? @Kase asks a very valid question with, "Do you have anything really horrifying to feed the roach to? Like, night terror-inducing. Also, does it eat its prey slowly while they're still alive?" @Skawganew has quite the decision and says, "But my ex and current boyfriend have the same name!"

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With a bigger problem is @Char who asks, "Can I name one "bar exam anxiety"? LOL! @Oldcrone supportively replies, "I hope some nice animal enjoys the rat I just named after my sister's ex."

The San Antonio Zoo website explains, "Be part of the global sensation and ex-terminate your past and support a noble cause with the Cry Me a Cockroach Fundraiser. Symbolically name a roach, rat, or veggie after your ex or not-so-special someone and San Antonio Zoo will help squash your past, a true heartbreak healer, by feeding your selection to an animal resident. This fundraiser received international attention last year, this year, it promises to be even more sensational."

Here's How The Cry Me A Cockroach Fundraiser Works

If you make a donation of $5, $10 or $25 you will receive a digital downloadable Valentine’s Day Card showing your support for the Cry Me a Cockroach Fundraiser. In your confirmation email you will receive a link to submit your not-so-special someone’s first name.

For those amongst you who are less cynical, the zoo is also offering  a special twilight tour for Valentine's Day, all about dancing, gift giving, and building “mansions” … What do those three things have in common? They’re some of the ways animals prove they like each other! This family friendly tour is all about animal courtship and love! You can find more information here.

This is such a fantastic idea. Zoo animals get a delicious snack and you get to let your ex know that they were eaten by a snake. Sounds like a win-win to us!

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