People Are Loving This 2-Ingredient Dip You Can Make with Leftover Pickle Juice

If you’re not sure what to do with that pickle juice in the fridge, this simple sauce is exactly what you need.

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Reviewed by Dietitian Jessica Ball, M.S., RD

If there’s one thing we’re not about to throw away, it’s the leftover dill pickle juice in the fridge. The liquid gold is jam-packed with flavor, making it a great addition to marinades or dressings, like our Garlicky Pickle-Juice Vinaigrette. It can even add an extra zip to a batch of bloody marys, if you want to put a little twist on your weekend brunch plans.

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For pickle people who need another easy recipe that can put that juice to use, this social media sensation of a dip may be the way to go. Levi Jensen, of the duo running @emilyxlevi on Instagram, just shared his Pickle Veggie Dip that’s almost too easy to believe. For this recipe, you won’t even need a measuring spoon—just combine your leftover pickle juice with a whole jar of tahini, shake to combine and enjoy.

If you want to copy the Jensens exactly, you’ll want to opt for Grillo’s pickle juice and what looks to be a 16-ounce jar of Krinos tahini. But if you’re working with a smaller pickle jar, just add tahini a little at a time, then close the jar and shake to see if the texture is right yet. Based on Levi’s method, you’re looking for the consistency of a creamy dressing. It should be thin enough to pour easily, but thick enough to cling to your carrot sticks and bell pepper slices when you dunk them in.

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Of course, you can modify this dip however you like—clean out the fresh herbs in your refrigerator drawer or add spices to amp up the flavor or add some heat. The only thing we wouldn’t recommend is adding more salt to this dip—unless you’re rocking with some unusual pickles, the pickle juice should add plenty of saltiness to this dip. And while pickles can be a pretty healthy snack, they can also be high in sodium, which means that folks who need to eat a heart-healthy diet may want to be cautious about going to town on this dip. All your favorite foods can be part of your life in moderation, but if you need to limit your sodium, you should probably just have a few bites of this nutty dip and enjoy it in moderation.

However, if you opt to use juice from fermented pickles in this recipe, you might get a nice, healthful boost. After all, snacking on fermented foods is a great way to help support your gut health. Fermented pickle juice is typically rich in probiotics, the digestion-supportive good bacteria that keep your gut in working order. Just be on the lookout for pickle jars—probably in the refrigerated section—that are labeled as fermented.

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Plus, as one brilliant commenter observed, this formula would also make an incredible salad dressing. To boost the flavor even more, you could toss in some diced shallots, lemon zest, fresh herbs or lemon juice, then drizzle your creamy-tangy concoction all over a bed of your favorite crisp veggies. It would also add some tasty sesame flavor to a grain bowl like our Chicken & Cabbage Bowls or a simple side like our Cucumber Salad with Peanuts & Sweet Chili Sauce.

So whether you dunk veggies into this dip or toss your lettuce in it, you can be sure that this time-effective recipe will add tons of flavor to your day.

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