People Love This Amazon Laser Hair Removal Device—Snag It On Sale For $100 Off

<span class="caption">This Laser Hair Removal Device Is $100 Off RN</span><span class="photo-credit">Pascal Le Segretain - Getty Images</span>
This Laser Hair Removal Device Is $100 Off RNPascal Le Segretain - Getty Images

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If you're a shave-in-the-shower kind of gal, you know it's nearly impossible to reach everything. But it's not just about missing a spot, it's also the fact that you exit the shower with some unwanted friends: razor burn, pesky bumps, and a few nicks here and there. Well, if you're anything like me, you've probably been hunting for a smoother solution that won't break the bank this summer.

Let me introduce my fave new discovery: the BoSidin Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device, which is currently on sale for $100 off (!!) on Amazon right now. Normally priced at a whopping $390, you can currently buy it for $290. I know, sounds too good to be true, right?

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Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device


But even better than a major sale is the fact this laser device has 2,449 five-star reviews. Among its common accolades: it's well-constructed and aesthetically pleasing, it's super easy to use, you can use it from head to toe, and it significantly reduces hair growth.

"I love this device," writes one reviewer. "I've had it for two months and used it weekly for the first five weeks. Since then, I've reduced the frequency to every two to three weeks. My goal is to prepare for summer and not have to shave at all (or very rarely) and completely rid the hair from my hands, arms, and face."

According to another rave reviewer, "This machine is the real deal and has the power to really do what it promises. It is the most beautiful and classy laser hair removal device I have seen on the market that feels and looks worth the price! The whole thing feels solid, but is not too heavy to use. It has honestly been a life changer so far."

If these reviews haven't sold you, this device also comes equipped with five attachments to fit the unique curves of your different body parts (yes, an attachment made for the bikini area is included, too). What's more, it features a DCD (dynamic cooling technology) for the most comfortable hair removal experience you've seen yet.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your one-way ticket to smooth, summer skin while it's still at a discounted price.

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