These 19 Actors "Completely Transform From One Role To Another" And I'm Honestly Just Really Impressed With Their Range

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Reddit user u/pretendstoknow recently asked, "What actor is the opposite of typecast, that is they play a completely different role every time?"

Here are the top-voted actors:

1."Christian Bale. Newsies to American Psycho to The Prestige to The Fighter to A Midsummer Night's Dream to The Machinist, and so on."

bale in those different roles

2."Toni Collette. I can't even recognize her from one film to the next."

toni in three different rolees

3."Bryan Cranston. Rewatching Malcolm in the Middle right now and that man has some serious comedic chops."

bryan in three different roles

4."Vivica A. Fox. She nails every role she has. She can do action, comedy, romance, drama, tragedy, farce, sexy, goofy, and intense. Just using her facial expressions she can tell a whole story. In terms of versatility and range, I can't think of anything she can't do well."

vivica in 3 different roles

5."Andy Serkis. I've taking note of him since he was Gollum. He gets around and hides his face more often than you might think!"

him in three different roles, one being a monkey

6."Cate Blanchett. She absolutely chewed the scenery as Hela in Thor: Ragnarok."

her in 3 different roles

7."Kathy Bates. Titanic, Misery, Fried Green Tomatoes, About Schmidt, Annie, Fred Claus, Midnight in Paris, American Horror Story, and The Office."

kathy in 3 different roles

8."Brian Tyree Henry from Atlanta, Eternals, Spiderman: Across The Spider-Verse, Child's Play, Bullet Train, and Causeway."

looking different in 3 different roles

9."Tilda Swinton. She's a chameleon."

looking different in 3 separate roles

10."Oscar Isaac. Dude feels like he’s always playing a different character. In Moon Knight, he plays three different characters alone and displays some of the most impressive acting I’ve ever seen."

him in three different roles

11."Margo Martindale. She's in everything from Cocaine Bear, to Dexter, to BoJack Horseman, and most recently, Your Honor."

in 3 different roles, one being a cartoon

12."Willem Dafoe. That man has serious range."

looking different in 3 separate roles

13."Meryl Streep. She is an incredible chameleon, and disappears into every role she takes on. One of the most gifted actors of her generation."

her in 3 different roles

14."John Lithgow. From terrifying villains in Richochet, Cliffhanger, and Dexter, to goofy lovable alien in 3rd Rock from the Sun."

him in 3 different roles, one being a cartoon

15."Elizabeth Banks. Even when she does play similar characters she manages to make it two wholly different things, and not just because the material is different, that’s her just doing something new each time. As the funny weird presenter in Pitch Perfect, then the funny weird presenter in The Hunger Games, theoretically two sides of the same type of character and both brilliantly acted, but WHOLLY distinct, and not merely because one is a straight comedy and the other more of a drama."

her looking different as 3 characters

16."Karl Urban. He’s got such a distinctive look, but he blends into every role so seamlessly that it takes me a while to realize it’s him."

looking different in 3 roles

17."Helena Bonham Carter. She was more recently Queen Elizabeth’s sister in The Crown. She also played Mrs. Bucket in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. She’s quite motherly and sweet. Very different than Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter franchise. She was also in The King’s Speech as opposed to The Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. I guess they all are kinda quirky roles. But she does all these characters very well."

looking different for each role

18."I feel like David Tennant has pretty great range. He's been all over the place in genres."

in 3  roles looking different

19."Believe it or not, Mads Mikkelsen. He takes on mostly comedic roles in Denmark. He goes from funny to scary so quickly."

in three different roles

20."Gary Oldman. I have watched him in movies many times only to realize much later that it was him. The man is part chameleon."

looking drastically different for 3 roles

And finally...

21."Daniel Day-Lewis. The Oscar committee doesn’t even have to convene in any year that DDL has any role, in any movie, anywhere. Legendary character portrayal of Lincoln, I need to rewatch it soon."

looking different for 3 roles

Now it's your turn! Who's an actor that transforms from role to role? Comment below!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.