Some, including an exorcist, are convinced Celine Dion's new children's clothing line is 'demonic'

Hope Schreiber
Celine Dion in her commercial for her new unisex children’s clothing line, Celinununu. (Photo: YouTube)
Celine Dion in her commercial for her new unisex children’s clothing line, Celinununu. (Photo: YouTube)

Celine Dion and her new genderless children’s clothing line, Celinununu, are coming under fire by many, including an exorcist.

The 50-year-old singer, who was raised Catholic, recently launched her gender-neutral line through an enticing commercial that depicts Dion running from authorities in a hospital after she magically changed the clothes of the babies in the nursery to a more unisex look from their regular pink and blue outfits. The new garments include black stars and the words “new order.”

While Celinununu hopes to promote gender equality and the freedom for a child to express themselves through clothes, Monsignor John Esseff, a priest with 65 years experience and an exorcist for over 40 years, says that “this gender thing” is “demonic.”

In an interview with the National Catholic Register, Esseff says, “I don’t even know how many genders there’s supposed to be now, but there are only two that God made.” He also believes that such a clothing line is part of a “demonic dimension,” according to the outlet.

“The devil is going after children by confusing gender,” he said. “… To say that there is no difference [in gender] is satanic.”

In the comment section of the commercial’s YouTube link, many echoed his belief.


Blondypoo shares, “That is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. They are really getting blatant about revealing their satanic plans for the world. Get right with God NOW, people.”

In a really solid play on words, BabyKwissy GottaLoveMe writes, “sickos! what’s with that symbolism? from now on I will be turning her music, ‘celine diOFF’.”

Many, including BluGyal, reference “New Order” being written on the clothing line, writing, “Wow this is sick, I guess the agenda is not subtle anymore. They really put ‘New Order’ on a shirt for babies?”

They are referring to the conspiracy theory of “New World Order,” which suggests that a powerful elite with a globalist agenda rules the world.

Other clothing includes star shapes. Stars are often associated with conspiracy theories, some that even include the flag of the United States. In reality, pentagrams were a Christian symbol that represented the five wounds of Christ. Some believe that when the pentagram is turned upside down, the two points represent the horn of the goat of black magic. However, when upright, it points to the heavens.

Instead of sending some demonic secret message, it appears Dion’s new line just favors minimalism in both shapes and colors. With their simple designs, the clothes are black and white. If anything, Dion is encouraging our children to be goth.

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