People are fighting to buy flights to nowhere

Frequent fliers who really, really, really miss traveling are rushing to buy tickets for flights that land in the same place they departed from. According to a report by the New York Times, there is a significant number of people who miss the “anticipation of flying” so much that they’re willing to pay for tickets that won’t take them anywhere. Thousands of people in Brunei, Taiwan, Japan and Australia have been buying into these “scenic flights” to nowhere. Some of the flights have themes and most of them seat passengers in first or business class. Travel agents told the New York Times that these flights to nowhere are “appealing” because airlines aren’t cramming the planes with people. A spokeswoman for the Taiwanese airline STARLUX said that Starlux scheduled six flights to nowhere since August and announced an additional 12 flights throughout October. Environmentalists, on the other hand, are reportedly frustrated with the flights to nowhere. In 2018 alone, global civil aviation accounted for 918 million tons of carbon dioxide