People Who Work In The Fashion Industry, We Wanna Hear Your Secrets And Stories

Have you ever worked — or do you currently work — in the fashion industry?

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This could mean anyone from designers to stylists to models, interns, buyers, etc.!

If so, we're SUUUUPER curious about the ✨secrets and stories✨ you have from working in the field.

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Maybe you're a buyer and people wouldn't BELIEVE the discounts you get on all the expensive merchandise.


Or maybe you're a designer who's had your work ripped apart — verbally OR physically, I guess! — SO BRUTALLY that others probably wouldn't even believe it.

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Perhaps you're a model who has firsthand experience with the toxic diet culture and have stories upon stories that you think more people should know about.

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Or maaaaybe you worked as an intern in the fashion industry, and if you didn't show up to work in head-to-toe designer, you were straight-up bullied.

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Basically, whatever experiences you've had while working in the fashion industry, we wanna hear 'em!!!

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Tell us your stories, advice, and best-kept industry secrets in the comments below, or if you'd prefer, in this anonymous Google Form. You just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!!!