Kim Kardashian Is Being Accused Of Dressing 9-Year-Old North West “Like A Teenager” And Using Her “As A Flex” In Her Latest Photos, And It’s Sparked An Important Conversation

Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian posted a bunch of Instagram photos posing with her eldest daughter, North West.

Kim and North with their arms around each other
Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for Daily Front Row

North, who is 9, and Kim were matching in head-to-toe Chanel — quite literally down to their sunglasses and purses.

And despite being only 9 years old, North struck a series of poses for the camera with apparent ease, even holding her shades down at an angle and tilting her head to the side in one of the photos.

Kim and North posing

Seemingly aware of her daughter’s chic demeanor, Kim captioned the photos, “It’s North’s world, I’m just in it.”

Close-up of North on the phone

But before long, Kim’s post was flooded with comments questioning why North appeared so much older than a typical 9-year-old.

North kissing Kim

“YO IS SHE 9!?” one person wrote in apparent disbelief. “9!!!!! She looks about 21!!” said another.

Screenshot of the comment
Comment: She looks about 21!!

Many users accused Kim of dressing North “like a teenager” or a young adult — something that she’s been called out for on several occasions over the past year.

North and Kim in pin-striped outfits
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"You dressed her like a teenager, she is to young only 9," one comment read.

Screenshot of comments

“She’s only 9 but dresses like a teen,” someone else agreed, while another user echoed, “She is 9 or 10 but dresses and acts 20.”

Kim and North on the street
Pierre Suu / GC Images

One user added, “Why use this baby as a flex?! Aren’t you Kim k ????? Keyword: baby,” while another wrote, “Kim come on she’s a baby!”

Kim and North at a podium
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And on this note, several more people called Kim out for seemingly encouraging North to “grow up far too fast” instead of acting like your regular 9-year-old.

Kim and North on the red carpet
Mega / GC Images

“She's only 9 leave her to live her age,” one comment read. “you’ve made her grow up far too fast,” said another.

Kim and North by a car
Marc Piasecki / WireImage

And among the heaps of critical comments under the post, one user in particular labeled Kim Kris Jenner “2.0” — a reference to the KarJenner momager’s long-running obsession with pushing her kids into the spotlight.

Kris onstage
Rich Polk / E! Entertainment / NBC via Getty Images

For those who aren’t aware, Kris pretty much created the Kardashian brand at her kids’ expense, having heavily encouraged them to star in E! reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians back in the day — which she signed onto without informing any of them first.

Kylie, Kim, and Kendall years ago
Jeff Vespa / WireImage

By her own admission, Kris was so desperate to be famous herself that she pushed her children to pursue all sorts of things — like Kim’s infamous nude Playboy shoot — against their will.

Kris holding a camera, with caption "Kim you're doing amazing sweetie"
E! / Hayu

In fact, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were just 10 and 9 respectively when KUWTK first aired, meaning that they were far too young to consent to having their lives displayed on camera. And in recent years, they’ve both been vocal about disliking their fame and status, with Kylie even stating that she feels she “wasn’t supposed to be famous” at all during a 2016 episode.

Kendall and Kylie as kids
Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

With all this in mind, several Instagram users couldn’t help raising their eyebrows at Kim’s repeated Instagram posts of, and public appearances with, North — especially given that the 9-year-old has also expressed her discomfort at their family’s fame numerous times over the years.

North holding a "Stop" sign

“She’s already started. Kris 2.0,” one user wrote under Kim’s latest post, while several Twitter comments in recent weeks have echoed the same sentiment.

Kris and Kim embracing
Vivien Killilea

“Kim is the next Kris Jenner and North is the new 10%,” someone tweeted earlier this month.

Kim is the next Kris Jenner and North is the new 10%

— Kordell is not perfect by far ! (@Thestallion270) May 1, 2023

@Thestallion270 / Via Twitter: @Thestallion270

“All from the Kardashians 2.0 Playbook, as written by Kris Jenner. As Kim’s star starts to fade, prominently place North in these spaces. She looks so uncomfortable,” someone else wrote under a photo of North accompanying Kim at the 2023 Met Gala.

All from the Kardashians 2.0 Playbook, as written by Kris Jenner. As Kim’s star starts to fade, prominently place North in these spaces. She looks so uncomfortable.

— Jane (@AJP_0130) May 2, 2023

@AJP_0130 / Via Twitter: @AJP_0130

“Kim pullin Kris Jenner moves on North already. She’s too young,” another tweet read.

Kim and Kris with a newspaper with Kim on the cover
Jeff Gentner / Getty Images

This isn't the first time Kim has been called out for trying to build a brand for North despite her age.

In the final season of KUWTK, an entire plot point was constructed around unmasking the person behind the popular North parody account, @norisblackbook, which is known for its sassy commentary from North's perspective.

At the time, Kim was criticized for centering her then-7-year-old daughter so heavily in the episode and for attempting to establish a public persona for her by repeatedly saying how accurately the account captured her personality.

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