People Can't Stop Watching These Videos of Crazy Realistic Cakes

Kelly O'Sullivan

From Prevention

When it comes to serving delicious food, Ree Drummond knows that the way it looks is almost as important as the way it tastes. (Have you seen her luscious chocolate pie? Swoon!) Plenty of other culinary pros would agree that presentation is the key to wowing people—but one chef has taken things to a whole new level.

Turkish cake and sugar artist Tuba Geçkil bakes and decorates the most over-the-top cakes we have ever seen. Her edible creations are masterfully sculpted to resemble everyday objects: Toilet paper, fruit, potted plants—even Crocs. Trust us, Crocs have never looked this appealing.

They look so real, it's actually hard to believe they're cakes—until a knife cuts them in half and reveals their hidden deliciousness.

Tuba's videos showing off her work have quickly gone viral—and are making everyone crave cake.

Seriously, how is it possible that this isn't toilet paper?

This might look like a cute plant to display in your home, but nope—it's dessert!

Raise your hand if you would be tricked into slipping your foot inside this Croc imposter.

These eye-catching works of art have gotten so much attention, people all over social media are trying to copy Tuba's satisfying cake reveals. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well when you attempt to cut a real tissue box in half. 😂

But you have to admit—it's pretty hilarious to watch.

This trend is one that's probably better left up to the professionals!

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