People cannot get over this model's super-long legs

The internet is shook over a model’s extraordinarily long legs, an illusion she created with a strategic pose.

Gloria Nnaji is only 5 feet tall.
Gloria Nnaji is only 5 feet tall. (Photo: TayoJr)

Gloria Nnaji is only 5 feet tall, but in a photo she posted to Twitter on Tuesday, she looks much, much taller, thanks to the length of her legs. “My melanin is gold, solid gold,” Nnaji tweeted alongside the photos that earned 3.6K retweets and 10K likes.

People could not get over the length of Nnaji’s legs.

Nnaji jumped into the online discussion by clarifying her height — 5 feet — and proved it with a video of a photo shoot she participated in, featuring her wearing a bright green halter top and matching skirt.

“This is a real photo — I didn’t use any editing or camera tricks,” Nnaji, 23, tells Yahoo Beauty. “I’m an aspiring model and I know my angles and which parts of my body to extend to appear taller because I practice a lot.” She adds that people frequently comment on the length of her legs, but “I don’t see it.”

On Aug. 16, the day of the shoot, the Washington, D.C., college senior wore a pair of gold, flared pants, the length of which were much too long. So she slid on a pair of heels with a four- or five-inch lift, then sat back and extended her leg as much as possible.

The popular image taken by photographer Tayo Junior was captured in one shot. “When I saw the image, I asked him, ‘What did you do to my leg?'” says Nnaji. “He said, ‘Nothing!'”

Clearly practice makes perfect.

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