People Around the World Help Paralyzed Dog Celebrate Her 13th Birthday

For some, celebrating their pets' birthday is a big deal! But does the whole world help your pet celebrate? CBS News shared a heartwarming video on Wednesday, March 6th about a dog who was celebrating her 13th birthday, and people from across the globe sent her balloons and well wishes.

The pup's name is Scooty, and both of her back legs were left paralyzed after she was hit by a car. But that doesn't stop her from loving life and scooting around to play with all of her gifts! Make sure your sound is turned on so you can hear how happy she is as you celebrate along with her!

Isn't this so heartwarming?! Scooty (what a fitting name!) is just adorable, and it doesn't seem that her back legs slow her down at all! In the caption, CBS News says that her mom calls her the "happiest dog on Earth"...she does look pretty happy in this video! I did a quick search to find out how people even knew it was her birthday. Turns out, she received over 100 balloons from her social media fans and followers. Not only that, but many of the balloons had personalized messages on them. This totally made my day!

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Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday in Style

We never celebrated our dogs' birthdays, and now I feel bad! Scooty was so excited to have the spotlight on her and had so much fun playing with the balloons. We are in the process of adopting a rescued puppy, and while we don't know her birthday, we will definitely celebrate her 'gotcha day'!

Many dog pawrents go all out when it comes to their fur baby's birthday, complete with a birthday party, furry guests, and a cake! There are even dog bakeries that create cakes and other treats specifically for dogs, but they can be pricey. You can make your own cake, cupcakes, or pawpsicles at home and it's really easy (and fun!) to do...especially if you let your pup help!

Don't forget to include your dog's best friends - both human and canine - and send them all cute dog-themed invitations. Decorating can be a lot of fun; the theme can be based on something your dog loves...maybe a beach-themed bash or a favorite activity. Take lots of pictures and have props available to make the photos even more fun!

In lieu of gifts (a dog only needs so many toys!) consider asking for donations to a local shelter or animal rescue instead. Or if your dog is given gifts, consider donating some of them to dogs in need - they would really enjoy them!

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