Twitter Is Calling For Phil Dunster's Emmy Nomination After This Week's Episode Of "Ted Lasso," And I 100% Agree

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This week, Ted Lasso aired its penultimate episode, which means we're unfortunately one step closer to saying goodbye to everyone's (read: my) favorite dramedy.

Ted Lasso points to his "Believe" sign
Ted Lasso points to his "Believe" sign

Apple TV Plus / Via

Jason Sudeikis confirmed the final season in an interview with Deadline earlier this year.

The series dove headfirst into heavy topics and explored some incredible character arcs over its three-season run. But this week, the character that has everyone talking is Jamie Tartt, played by the one and only Phil Dunster.

Jamie Tartt saying "It's just poop-ay. Let it flow"
Jamie Tartt saying "It's just poop-ay. Let it flow"

Apple TV Plus / Via

For the fans out there, we know that Jamie started out as a self-absorbed, obnoxious star athlete. But he slowly transformed into one of the funniest, most dynamic, and thoughtful characters on the show. In this week's episode, "Mom City," we got an even closer look into his character as the team geared up to face Manchester City — Jamie's old team.

Jamie Tartt sticking his tongue out on the pitch
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In the beginning of the episode, Jamie seems pretty detached and melancholic. No one really knows why until Roy Kent has a chat (more like a yell) with him in the boot room. Jamie completely breaks down in a way that was somehow both heartbreaking and hilarious while Roy attempts to comfort him. This right here? Emmy-worthy.

Jamie crying in front of Roy
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When the team heads to Manchester, we begin to peel the Jamie onion even further — this time in an emotional scene with his mother. Jamie confides in her that since he decided not to "give a shit" about his abusive father, his motivation and sense of self has disappeared.

Jamie confides in his mother
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Also, a quick moment of appreciation for Jamie's childhood bedroom, featuring Roy Kent and Keeley Jones. These three were just meant to be the best of friends.

Posters of both Roy and Keeley hang in Jamie's childhood bedroom
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When Richmond finally play their game against Man City, Jamie scans the crowd only to not find his father. There are plenty of angry fans, though, who are still resentful after Jamie's departure from the team. Jamie starts the game a bit rocky, injuring himself and telling Ted he won't continue. After a classic Lasso pep talk, he gets up again and plays the game of his life. The scene ends with him receiving standing ovations from both teams, and a surprise shot of his father, who is seemingly recovering in a rehab facility.

Man City fans, Richmond fans, and Jamie's dad all clap for him

When I tell you I WEPT during this.

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Let's not forget about Pep Guardiola's — Man City's actual manager — surprise guest appearance.

Pep Guardiola hugs Jamie Tartt
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But I'm not the only one who was absolutely in awe of Phil's performance as Jamie. Here are some tweets from fans after the episode that prove this man deserves an Emmy:

1. Firstly, the arc is absolutely *chef's kiss*:

went from being #1 public enemy to little babygirl jamie tartt character development is something so serious

— َ (@shannonIynch) May 24, 2023

@shannonIynch / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @shannonIynch

2. I can't believe I ever hated this character.

Jamie Tartt’s redemption arc is so well done, it blows my mind. Major props to the #TedLasso writers, and of course, to the incredible @phildunster for bringing this gem of a character to life.

— Brandon Moore (@indigo_15) May 17, 2023

@indigo_15 / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @indigo_15

3. Like, Season 1 Jamie is completely unrecognizable to me.

it's truly a testament to the writing team on Ted Lasso and @phildunster amazing performance that Jamie Tartt went from my least favourite character on the show in season 1 to one of my absolute favourites in season 3. Take a bow sir!!!💚💜 #TedLasso #TedLassoSeason3 #jamietartt

— Fi 💜👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻⚡️ (@tragicheartss) May 25, 2023

@tragicheartss / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @tragicheartss

4. Fangirl doesn't even begin to cut it.

if you’d told me during ted lasso s1 that i’d end up being a jamie tartt stan by s3 i wouldn’t have believed you. but the beautiful development of his character, and incredible acting by phil dunster have turned me into a fangirl. phil 100% deserves an emmy this year

— daisy (@weltonsmac) May 17, 2023

@weltonsmac / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @weltonsmac

5. This scene was so relatable. I'm sure most of us broke down right alongside him.

do you guys understand how fucking good this was phil dunster you are fucking insane. the way he portrayed this breakdown and how jamie describes his feelings with something people think is so unrelated like.

— ted lasso spoilers (@dorjantz) May 24, 2023

@dorjantz / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @dorjantz

6. The conditioner comment? I get it, Jamie.

jamie tartt, you are everything. i literally felt so seen when i watched this. sometimes i just get so overwhelmed that i burst and i don't even know

— al🌷 (@616EYEBOY) May 24, 2023

@616EYEBOY / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @616EYEBOY

7. I would also like to have a breakdown in Roy Kent's arms.

jamie tartt had a literally mental breakdown in roy kent’s arms. it had me sobbing. please give phil dunster his well deserved emmy nomination. I’m on my knees, begging

— mads (@winchcevans) May 24, 2023

@winchcevans / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @winchcevans

8. The way he manages to be both funny and distressed? How do you do it Phil??

I'm sorry I know this is a sad moment for Jamie and all that but this was hilarious, Phil Dunster I love you so much. Where the fuck are my wings Roy 😂😂😂😂😂#TedLasso #TedLassoSeason3

— Karen (@BlackWidow_221B) May 24, 2023

@BlackWidow_221B / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @BlackWidow_221B

9. Am I laughing? Am I crying? I don't even know anymore.

despite the humorous tone towards the end this scene actually broke me like fuck it’s heartbreaking #tedlassospoilers

— vili ! ted lasso spoilers (@jamietqrtt) May 24, 2023

@jamietqrtt / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @jamietqrtt

10. Mama's boy Jamie will forever break me.

‼️ #TedLasso #tedlassospoilers ‼️...this scene broke me on so many levels, the long term and current impact of the abuse jamie's suffered (from even with his dad out of his life now) the constant questioning of his self worth! @phildunster the actor that you are!

— Gigi🐙 ted lasso spoilers (@littleweirdoss) May 24, 2023

@littleweirdoss / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @littleweirdoss

11. The stark contrast here is both so beautiful and painful.


— Gigi🐙 ted lasso spoilers (@littleweirdoss) May 25, 2023

@littleweirdoss / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @littleweirdoss

12. I'd like to preemptively thank The Academy for this award.

Also, if @phildunster doesn't snag an Emmy or Golden Globe for his (literally) perfect, nuanced, silly, and deliriously complex performance as Jamie Tartt this season, I will yell. A lot. Probably curse too.

— Keeley Jones, Independent Woman- Insert on Sunday (@keeleyjones_iwm) May 24, 2023

@keeleyjones_iwm / Via Twitter: @keeleyjones_iwm

13. Honestly, we're begging at this point.

I’m so glad people are having the same reaction I had when I first watched this weeks #TedLasso episode: Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt is a revelation. Give this man the Emmy nomination he’s deserved each season if not …

— Ralph Galvan (@ralph_goducks) May 24, 2023

@ralph_goducks / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @ralph_goducks


every single episode of ted lasso this season i’ve thought ‘this’ll be phil dunsters emmy submission ep’ and then the next ep airs and i think ‘no THIS is his emmy ep’. just give the guy the fucking emmy award - he’s been incredible this whole series

— daisy (@weltonsmac) May 24, 2023

@weltonsmac / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @weltonsmac

15. I'm listening...

Just announce Phil Dunster as the next James Bond and be done with it.

— Landon Sweet (@LandonSweet) May 22, 2023

@LandonSweet / Via Twitter: @LandonSweet

16. Even if you're not a fan of Season 3, Jamie more than makes up for it.

#TedLasso has been so all over the place this season but one thing that has remained top tier for me is jamie tartt’s growth and the stellar performance by phil dunster — he’s made me cry so much

— Nora Dominick (@noradominick) May 24, 2023

@noradominick / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @noradominick

17. Exhibit B.

this season has had its odd moments, pacing is kinda whack & who knows where everything's going but let's be real the one true constant is Phil Dunster's incandescent superstar performance as Jamie Tartt. the heart, the humour, the heartbreak and the GROWTH. ENGRAVE HIS EMMY NOW!

— let's hang! (s3 spoilers AFTER eps drop) (@r3beccawelton) May 24, 2023

@r3beccawelton / Via Twitter: @r3beccawelton

18. Exhibit C. I could go on.

Jamie Tartt has been the indisputable best part of s3 of #TedLasso. On point writing that never, not for a moment, strayed out of character, @phildunster’s acting like a meteor is gonna take us back to the Stone Age tomorrow so may as well go all out. Hats off.

— MD ⚡ (@mmn1979) May 24, 2023

@mmn1979 / Via Twitter: @mmn1979

19. If there's one thing about Ted Lasso, it's that this show loves its callbacks.

here a parallel that got me in shamble the way back in s1 during the match Jamie was dumbfounded at the crowd's standing ovation for Roy and how now when the Man City crowd gave him a standing ovation the way he was on the verges of tears and touched truly get me‼️

— Gigi🐙 ted lasso spoilers (@littleweirdoss) May 25, 2023

@littleweirdoss / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @littleweirdoss

20. And the arc of this little trio?? I never could've imagined.

Thank you to the #TedLasso writers for not making an arch of a love triangle in S3, but instead choosing to show support and friendship with these three ☺️

— Catherine (@myspaceout) May 24, 2023

@myspaceout / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @myspaceout

21. Listen, I love Succession as much as the next person, but Phil deserves this. End of story.

If any of this succession bullshit gets in the way of @phildunster getting his fucking Emmy I will go Roy Kent on the entire television academy.

— Stephanie (@Pagnificent) May 24, 2023

@Pagnificent / Apple TV Plus / Via Twitter: @Pagnificent

What are your thoughts on this episode and Jamie's arc? Let us know in the comments!