Pence receives COVID-19 vaccine at the White House

At the White House on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence received the vaccine for the coronavirus. Pence called the vaccine “safe and effective” and said, “I didn’t feel a thing” after getting the shot.

Video Transcript


MIKE PENCE: That was great. Great job, great job. I especially want to thank the fine medical team at Walter Reed Hospital that administered our vaccine today. I didn't feel a thing. Well done, and we appreciate your service to the country.

You know as the Christmas holiday approaches, this is always a season of hope. We gather here today at the end of a historic week to affirm to the American people that hope is on the way. And Karen and I were more than happy to step forward before this week was out to take the safe and effective coronavirus vaccine that we have secured and produced for the American people. It's a truly inspiring day.