Peloton Debuted a Taylor Swift Artist Series of Classes for a Much-Needed Boost to End 2021


Courtesy of Peloton

If there's one thing Peloton devotees are, it's Fearless — whether that means conquering HIIT and Hills on the bike or tread or choosing to Speak Now about their opinions. So any time the brand has teased an artist collaboration series on social media, the comments are usually flooded with cries (and/or screams!) for a certain musical muse.

"Pleaseeee be Taylor Swift" one Instagram user commented on a December 13 Peloton post promising one last artist series for 2021 to drop Christmas Day. "Plz be Taylor it's her bday this is a sign," wrote another. And, as true Swifties know All Too Well, while the singing superstar is rightfully protective of her new re-recorded songs, she's also a Lover of easter eggs and secret surprises in collaboration with the right partners. So on Christmas morning, fans of Peloton and T. Swift finally saw their Wildest Dreams come true when the fitness brand said ...Ready for It? and officially launched the Red (Taylor's Version) class collection.

"Some guessed it. Even more hoped for it. Taylor Swift's music. Now on Peloton," declared a December 25 Instagram post. "Experience class after class, song after song of Red (Taylor's Version) in one of the most anticipated Artist Series we've ever made. All of the heartbreak. All of the hope. All of the classes, Red (Taylor's Version)."

While some of Swift's music had previously been part of the Peloton library, her songs were removed (along with many others) in the wake of a 2019 lawsuit, according to Forbes. And of course, Swift has been at the center of a historic music rights movement since she began re-recording her albums following one of her "worst nightmares," i.e. losing the rights of her master recordings to Scooter Braun and Big Machine Records. But she persevered and now Peloton and Swift have joined forces to deliver one of the most anticipated collaborations in the fitness brand's history (along with the Beyoncé and Spice Girls partnerships, obviously).

Peloton's Red (Taylor's Version) collection includes a series of on-demand cycling, running, strength, stretching, and yoga classes offered in English, German, and Spanish. Instructors Robin Arzón, Ben Alldis, Olivia Amato, Susie Chan, Anna Greenberg, Mariana Fernández, Marcel Maurer, and Mayla Wedekind are at the helm of the nine-class collection. As Arzón mentions in her Taylor-themed core class, Peloton members can earn a "Super Swiftie" flash challenge badge for taking three or more classes within the Artist Series. (BTW, the badge icon is an adorable red scarf because, well, of course it is.)

Here's the full list of Taylor Swift x Peloton classes according to the unofficial but highly comprehensive Peloton fan website, Pelo Buddy:

  • 30-minute Red (Taylor's Version) Ride – Robin Arzón

  • 30-minute Red (Taylor's Version) Ride – Mayla Wedekind [German]

  • 30-minute Red (Taylor's Version) Run – Olivia Amato

  • 10-minute Red (Taylor's Version) Cool Down Run – Susie Chan

  • 20-minute Red (Taylor's Version) Core Strength – Robin Arzón

  • 20-minute Red (Taylor's Version) Bodyweight Strength – Marcel Maurer [German]

  • 10-minute Red (Taylor's Version) Stretch – Ben Alldis

  • 30-minute Red (Taylor's Version) Yoga Flow – Anna Greenberg

  • 30-minute Red (Taylor's Version) Yoga Flow – Mariana Fernández [Spanish]

To access the classes, just navigate to "Collections" in the "Classes" section of the Peloton app or on the home screen of any piece of Peloton equipment (make sure "German Instruction" is selected in your language setting if you want to catch all nine classes as two are in German).

It's safe to say Swifties will want to go Back to December and take these classes on repeat in the new year and beyond — It's Nice to Have a Friend through Peloton, right?