Pedro Pascal Twerking With a Clicker is Scarier Than 'The Last of Us'

Pedro Pascal has already had an incredible year. The Last of Us actor not only just kicked off leading the most popular new series on television, but he’s also babysitting Baby Yoda across the galaxy in Disney’s The Mandalorian. Plus, he's appearing in an upcoming short film for the 2023 Cannes Film Festival opposite Ethan Hawke titled, Strange Ways of Life. Now, he’s about to try his hand at hosting Saturday Night Live!

“Little Pedro Pascal from Santiago, Chile hosting Saturday Night Live!” Pascal says in a new promo for this week’s episode. “Wild.” Then he hears a strange noise on the SNL set. Pascal grabs a hammer and starts to poke around. That’s when he finds a clicker—AKA a mushroom-infected zombie from The Last of Us. He’s about to strike the monster with a hammer when he’s stopped by SNL cast member Sarah Sherman. “What are you doing, you psycho?” she screams. “That’s our new cast member!” Apparently, the clicker's name is Matt. “I know it’s your first time hosting, but a little advice: don’t hit the cast members with a hammer, you maniac,” Sherman jokes.

Naming the clicker Matt reminded me of how much other zombie survival shows like The Walking Dead spent time making its characters slowly watch their loved ones turn into hideous monsters. It's kind of nice that The Last of Us hasn’t entered such depressing territory (yet!), but the series has surely made us cry in other ways. “This place is nuts,” Pascal sadistically remarks. “I like it.” Whoa! In the SNL universe, I guess the man gets a real adrenaline rush from killing the infected. Don’t fear though, Pascal and the clicker were later seen shaking their asses together on TikTok—which is somehow scarier than anything I've seen in The Last of Us so far.

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