Woman causes uproar with ‘unacceptable’ photo of breakfast plate: ‘This is a food crime’

A brave home chef is causing an internet uproar after sharing her “unacceptable” addition to a traditional breakfast meal.

The online chaos began when a U.K.-based “Rate My Plate” Twitter account shared an image from a woman identified only as Jessica M.

Jessica’s morning meal contained all the staples of a “full English” breakfast — toast, eggs, sausages, beans, ham and potatoes — along with one key addition: peas.

The tiny, green veggies stood out on Jessica’s plate and immediately sparked a massive debate over what does and doesn’t count as a breakfast food.

“Peas on a breakfast commands a 10 year sentence in a hard labour camp and a further 2 years for aggravating my OCD,” one user wrote.

“Baked beans and eggs is the primary crime on this plate. Baked beans AND peas is also a food crime,” another added.

“Peas and beans have no business being on the same plate,” another claimed.

Others had far more specific criticism, calling out the fact that Jessica was using a “dinner plate” and that her meal included gammon steaks instead of traditional English “bacon” (which is much more similar to Canadian bacon).

Some even suggested that Jessica placed the veggies on her plate simply to irritate others.

“Those peas have been put there as a deliberate provocation,” one user wrote.

A few Twitter users focused on the positives though, saying that — without the one “sacrilegious” addition — it looked like a pretty solid breakfast.

“PEAS??? Otherwise that was an 8/10,” one user ranked the plate.

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