Peanut Milk? It Could Be Your Next Nut Milk Option

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In 2014, dairy milk alternatives saw more than $1.6 billion in sales. More than half of that went to almond milk sales, followed by soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, hemp milk and oat milk. Now, the mighty peanut wants to get in on the milk game.

The National Peanut Board says that although you won’t currently find peanut milk on any major store shelves, that might not be the case for long. “We can’t comment on specific company activities with peanut milk,” NPB CEO and President Bob Parker told Food Navigator USA, “but a concept has been developed.”

Apparently, the biggest hurdles in bringing peanut milk to market are getting the mouthfeel and flavor down. Peanut milk will reportedly have a “smooth, slightly creamy mouthfeel,” and those developing the product are hoping to keep the peanut flavor to a minimum, allowing it to compete against products like almond milk and actual cow’s milk (also known as “milk”).

In reporting on the subject, Food Navigator suggests that the recent success of cashew milk has led peanut producers to see milk as their next big financial frontier. Apparently, they’ve maxed out the amount of money they can earn packing an unwelcome amount of peanuts into jars of mixed nuts.

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