Payton & Dede’s Senator Race in ‘The Politician’ Season 2 Resembles This IRL Election

Jason Pham

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Politician season 2. Anyone who’s seen Netflix’s The Politician knows that it’s an over-the-top dramatization of what politics looks like. That said, some of it has to be based in reality, which makes us wonder if The Politician season 2 is based on a true story.

The Politician season 2, which premiered on Netflix on June 29, follows the race between Payton Hobart and Dede Standish for a seat in the New York State Senate. Payton, who lost the election for Student Body President in The Politician season 1, is a New York University student with less experience than Dede, but tons of passion, especially around climate change. Dede, on the other hand, is the incumbent Majority Leader, who’s been senator for...

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