Pauley Shore Sends Heartwarming Message to Ke Huy Quan and Brendan Fraser

He's very proud of his former co-stars.

Pauly Shore couldn't be prouder of Brendan Fraser.

Jimmy Kimmel quipped in his Oscars monologue that it was a "very difficult night for Pauly Shore" because his Encino Man co-stars Fraser and Ke Huy Quan were up for—and ended up winning—an Academy Award that night.

Shore took the joke in stride.

In a tweet, the actor shared the clip of Kimmel name-checking him. He wrote, "I don’t know if you guys saw the @TheAcademy Awards last night, but @jimmykimmel poked fun at me in the monologue. I loved it."

He continued, "But what I REALLY loved is that my old buddies from back in the day, Brendan Fraser and Ke Huy Quan, took home the Oscars! Never quit on your dreams."

The Bio-Dome star expressed his support towards Fraser ahead of the Oscars. "You got this dude ! We are all rooting for you. Our hearts are with you. ♥️," he wrote on Friday, Mar. 10.

Shore was also recently interviewed by Slate to discuss Fraser and Huy Quan's nominations.

"I'm not surprised. Brendan’s a talented guy, and he got the luck of the draw. The director came in. He had a great role," he said. "I'm proud, obviously. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Most people don’t ever expect to get nominated for an Oscar, no matter how much work they do, and I'm stoked."

He additionally noted that, like in The Whale, Fraser had an innate ability to become the character he played. "He’s not doing a caricature of—he didn’t do a caricature of either of the roles. That’s why he was so good in Encino Man," explained Shore.

The actor continued, "That’s why the comedy popped off him and why the story worked, because he locks into these characters. I know Ben Stiller auditioned [for Fraser’s part in Encino Man], and a lot of people were wanting to play that role, but you need a real actor to play a caveman so it doesn’t look stupid."

Shore also gave an update on his own career, saying that though he's enjoyed doing stand-up, he wants to return to acting. He revealed plans to move back to Hollywood from Las Vegas when South By Southwest ends.