Paul Rudd Recreated His Viral ‘Hot Ones’ Meme In A Video Encouraging You To Wear A Mask

Kristin Salaky
·2 mins read
Photo credit: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo - YouTube
Photo credit: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo - YouTube

From Delish

Remember last October when we were not consumed by a global pandemic and the Paul Rudd meme from the First We Feast show Hot Ones was EVERYWHERE? You know the one. Well, the actor has brought it back for a very important reason: a public service announcement telling you to wear your dang mask.

In a video for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's office, Paul, a self-proclaimed "certified young person" delivers an important message in a truly cringe-y way: "So fam, let's real talk. Masks? They're totally beast." The message is aimed at millennials, who some officials have blamed for the spread of COVID-19 (though as a millennial I would argue I do not feel like a certified young person and I and all of my friends wear a mask all the time but that's neither here nor there!!). He's seen in a sideways cap and flipping a skateboard, you know, like kids do...Even though most millennials are pushing 30.

If I can allow myself to feel joy for a second, the ad is pretty enjoyable and ultimately has a good message (wear your damn mask, whether you're young or old!). But the best part is definitely at the end when he brings on Hot Ones host Sean Evans to recreate the iconic moment from his show. In the updated version, the pair are wearing masks doused in hot sauce, which you should definitely not do. Paul repeats his iconic line "Hey, look at us" and Sean replies by saying "Look at us. Who would've thought wearing masks would be a problem?" "Not me," Paul answers, and the two try to eat wings through their masks...and fail.

You can watch the full ad above, and as they say near the end "Wear your mask. It's science. UGH!!"

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