How Paul Rudd Inadvertently Helped a Dog Get Adopted

The pup quickly went viral for twinning with the Marvel actor.

Ant-Man's Paul Rudd inadvertently saved the day when it came to one adoptable pup

The town of Collierville, Tenn. noticed his uncanny resemblance to one of their shelter dogs, an Australian shepherd mix formerly known as Waffle House, and shared a collage of photos comparing the very good boy—who has since earned the moniker Pawl Ruff—to his celebrity doppelganger.

Alongside the several twin-worthy shots, the town issued a plea via Twitter for someone associated with the film's social media accounts to get them in touch with Rudd, but it was no typical fan request. No, they were certain that Pawl and Paul were meant to be together, and were looking to suggest to the Marvel star that he adopt the pup.

Though the actor has no IRL connection to the situation, never having been successfully contacted, his likeness to the large dog led to viral fame, securing him several adoption applications and a brand new home, right there in Collierville.

"If Paul Rudd doesn’t adopt Pawl, I will," one potential adopter responded on Twitter. "...I can’t take Pawl to the Quantum Realm but we could surf together in Costa Rica."

Ruff made headlines locally and internationally, going so far as to issue pawtographs on his cover story, and their efforts worked!

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In an announcement posted to the town's website on Feb. 20, it was confirmed that Ruff—who has been renamed Rowdy—went home with Jennifer Roy on Feb. 19.

“I had been looking for a dog and was following different shelters in the area. When I saw him, I thought ‘that’s my dog,’” she said. “The story blew up and I was worried someone would come get my dog!”

She quickly submitted her application and scheduled a visit, and now Rowdy is happy at home with his new human siblings.

“We did reach out to Paul Rudd’s publicists and asked if they would bring the story to his attention. We did not expect him to adopt the dog, we just wanted the story to reach him!” Jennifer Casey, the Town’s Public Information Officer, was also quoted. “And if the story stops here, it is a very happy ending.”