Paul Rudd Accidentally Exposed His Testicles to a Live Audience

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Paul Rudd Accidentally Exposed His TesticlesKeith Tsuji - Getty Images

Paul Rudd is known for many things: being a 90's heartthrob, having his own franchise in the Marvel cinematic universe, and his immortality (the man looks the exact same at age 50 as he did at age 30). Now the actor can add another achievement to his laundry list of accomplishments: accidentally flashing an audience.

In 2019, Rudd was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert promoting his Netflix series Living with Yourself. The conversation strayed to Rudd's workout and diet regime while acting in Marvel's Ant-Man franchise. Like the other heroes in Marvel, Rudd had to get into impeccable shape for the role—however, unlike the other heroes, there aren't any scenes of the actor shirtless. Colbert wondered why this was the case.

Rudd said that there was a shirtless scene that got cut, which led Colbert to ask if Rudd had ever "done full nude professionally."

Turns out, the actor has—only it was unintentional, when Rudd was in a play with Rachel Weisz. He said that in one scene, he was lying in bed with the actress while wearing boxers. Suddenly, the audience started chuckling, but Rudd initially didn't know why. He then came to realize that his leg was up, and he was "totally hanging brain."

Rudd then clarified that "Hanging brain is not so much the penis hanging out but more of the testicles." Whatever you say Rudd, whatever you say.

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