Paul Pierce says LeBron James is not a top-5 NBA player

We’re not sure what LeBron James did to Paul Pierce, but apparently it was severe. Pierce criticized James on Wednesday, saying James is not one of the top-5 players in NBA history.

Video Transcript

- --not blame it on anything. I'm saying you don't need to make an organization great in order to be one of the greatest of all time. I don't have an obligation to make--

PAUL PIERCE: I didn't say that he wasn't the greatest of all time. I did not say he wasn't.

- You just said he's not-- he's not top five on your rank. That's-- that's the way this whole thing got kicked off.

PAUL PIERCE: That is not top five. You want to hear my top five? You want to hear it again?


- Sure.

PAUL PIERCE: You want to hear it again? Jordan--

- Sure. Let me know.

PAUL PIERCE: --Kareem--