Paul George on dealing with depression, anxiety in NBA bubble

The Los Angeles Clippers guard spoke following Tuesday’s game about his struggles dealing with life inside the NBA bubble and the support he gained from teammates, friends and family.

Video Transcript

PAUL GEORGE: It was just a little bit of everything. You know, I-- I underestimated mental health, honestly. I had anxiety, a little bit of depression. Just being locked in here and, you know, just-- I just wasn't there. I checked out. And it was-- you know, games 2, 3, 4, I-- I wasn't there. I felt like I wasn't there.

But, you know, shoutout to the people that was in my corner, the people that gave me the words. [INAUDIBLE] they helped big time, helped get me right, be back in great spirits. Can't thank them enough. It's tough. This is really hard being in here. You know, it's-- it's not easy. When all day is just basketball, it's hard to get away from it. You see guys on other teams.

Like, it's-- it's-- you know, shoutout to the NBA for creating this environment. But at the same time, it's-- it's rough. But, you know, I-- I just got to find what's going to get me able to check out of the game and check out of just constantly being in that mode. So, you know, again, all my guys helped. I've been around them. We've been out playing the game.

Great talk with Doc. Again, all my family were there, my girl Gracie and my kids. There's just so many people that I can name that I've talked to in the past 24 hours that had a helping hand, and it's just getting me into a better spirit again.