Pat Sajak Puts Wrestling Move on 'Wheel of Fortune' Winner

The 'Wheel of Fortune' host tried to go head-to-head with a contestant who is a professional wrestler.

Tuesday's winner on Wheel of Fortune may have had a clean sweep, but Pat Sajak wanted to give him a run for his money.

Contestant Fred Fletcher-Jackson was introduced on yesterday's episode of the popular game show, where he revealed he wears many different hats, including being a drama teacher, bar trivia host and even a professional wrestler.

Fred proved during his run that he is not just talented when it comes to dominating the wresting ring, as he also won big on Tuesday's episode, solving every puzzle and accomplishing a perfect game.

After successfully completing the bonus round, Fred won a total of $75,800, prompting a roar of cheers from the studio audience. Sajak, however, had a funny way of congratulating Fred, as he took the celebratory moment as an opportunity to show off his wrestling skills.

In a video of the episode shared to Instagram after Tuesday's show, Fred was seen getting a celebratory hug from his dad, while Sajak, 76, then ran over to the contestant and pretended to put him in a headlock. Fred perfectly played along with the bit, making it look like he was being seriously pinned down by the TV personality.

But the moment still had some fans confused, considering the longtime Wheel of Fortune doesn't usually get physical with the show's big winners.

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"What was with Pat at the end? 😂" one fan commented under the Wheel of Fortune Instagram post.

"Not only another Perfect Game, but another showdown with Pat vs. another contestant!" another fan added.

"Probably one of the most entertaining WOF episodes !" someone else wrote.

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