Pat Sajak Gets Bumped By Special Guest Host for Bonus Round

During last night's Wheel of Fortune episode, Pat Sajak got swapped out for special guest host Jim Thornton in a stunt that no one saw coming, but viewers certainly enjoyed.

While some confused fans were startled after Sajak, 76, disappeared from screens and left tweeting questions like "Where is Pat Sajak for the final puzzle?" those who were keeping a close eye on the conversation between the bonus round contestant, Sarah, the show's host, and its longtime announcer Thornton, 58, couldn't have been more pleased.

"I love Jim Thornton so much," Sarah admitted earlier in the game show. "And how could someone not? His voice is so soothing and energizing. He's hilarious and just such a good person."

"When I don't hear his voice, I worry about him," she added. "So, I'm so glad he's here." And with that, Sajak and Thornton did the ol' switcheroo, leaving the announcer to run the last puzzle for his biggest fan.

The show later shared a clip of it all going down on Instagram, asking fans if they saw the switch coming, most of whom admitted to being tripped up.

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"I didn't see that switcheroo coming," one shared, noting, "Jim did awesome. I could see him host an episode of Wheel."

"I was surprised!! Jim did a great job!!!❤️❤️❤️," another exclaimed.

"Funniest thing since Pat and Vanna [White] switched roles 😂," someone else added.

Users had a lot of pleasant things to say about Thornton's special appearance, too, with one top comment cheering, "Jim did a fantastic job hosting the bonus round👏👏."

Another called the moment "a real treat 🍬."

In the end, Sarah couldn't solve the final puzzle and missed out on the $40,000 prize, but still, meeting Thornton was priceless.

"I had so much fun," she told Jim. "And we got to do it together!"

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