Pat McGrath Has Brought Max Factor to America for a Limited Time


Born during the golden age of Hollywood, Max Factor–founded by a celebrity makeup artist by the same name–invented all manner of professional-grade cosmetics to make his famous clients look their best on the silver screen. Eventually, the company Factor started made its way into every drugstore and the still-innovative products found a place in non-famous types' kits. Until several years ago when the brand disappeared from this country and could only be procured on trips abroad.

But today, thanks to Max Factor's creative design director-slash-legend Pat McGrath, a few pieces can be yours sans plane ticket. Starting today, you can get your hands on an exclusive capsule collection that offers a throwback to the Old Hollywood heritage of the brand with exactly what you need to get a timeless cat eye, Masterpiece MAX Mascara, Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eye Liner and a pair of nude lipsticks. Here, McGrath dishes on the launch, the look, and lush lashes.

Modern Max

"Max Factor is definitely still rooted in the artistry of makeup and is constantly innovating products that offer a modern take on classic glamour. They're constantly doing ongoing research about what women want and need, making sure to evolve their products to reflect that. The Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner has a unique tip that allows you to create multiple looks. The Masterpiece MAX Mascara has an iFX brush with micro-channels between each bristle so you can deliver more mascara to your lashes, and the lipstick actually makes your lips smoother and moisturized in just seven days of using it."

Updated Glamour

"Each product in this collection was carefully selected to give everyone the essentials for creating a modern glamour look. They let you be as creative as you want and easily experiment with styles."

Creating a Collection

"We specifically curated a collection of glamour essentials that would offer a fresh, modern twist on an iconic look-a sexy cat eye with a pop of a nude or rose-colored lipstick. The cat eye is so iconic and can be reinvented in so many different ways and the lipsticks in both nude and rose color add the perfect final touch. The Masterpiece MAX Mascara, High Precision Liquid Eyeliner, and two shades of lipsticks all come together to complete the look and let women make it their own."

Playing Favorites

"It's so hard to choose [a favorite product] because they all work so well as a collection. But I love the Masterpiece MAX Mascara. Who doesn't want voluminous lashes? The iFX brush has micro-channels between each bristle so it delivers more mascara to your lashes and it's heat, water, and smear-resistant."