This pastor believes having it all is total BS — and you should too

The notion of “having it all” is one that many people in our society strive to uphold. But coinciding with the pressure it creates, and the fear it cultivates in anticipation of failure, one pastor is calling out this supposed ideal, and revealing why it shouldn’t be one.

Nadia Bolz-Weber from Denver, Colorado isn’t your typical Evangelical Lutheran pastor. Instead, she’s foul-mouthed and full of hard truths that will steer you closer to your faith through telling personal anecdotes. When sitting down with MAKERS, Bolz-Weber revealed that “having it all” was something that she tried for herself.

Rather than failing at it, the concept ended up failing her.

“I think that whole ‘we can have it all’ thing is bulls***,” Bolz-Weber says. “I don’t actually hear the message ‘you can have it all’ as a liberation, I hear it as an accusation.”

Giving into the accusation that the phrase once evoked to her, the pastor admits to previously wanting to “prove that I could have it all,” placing extra importance on not letting anything drop. However, a routine of 6 cross-fit trainings per week and an 8 PM bedtime that mimicked self-care and excellence at first, ultimately turned out to be self-destructive.

Watch the video above to see how Bolz-Weber decided that she “didn’t need to have it all,” but instead learned to rely on faith to tell her that she is enough.

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