Genius or Crazy? Passengers Pile on Clothes to Avoid $130 Baggage Fee


These two men decided to wear their clothes instead of pay an extra baggage fee. (Photo: Stou/Reddit)

There’s an age-old packing motto that says, “If it doesn’t fit, you must wear it.”

Ok, that isn’t a mantra, but thanks to these guys, it might become one.

The two men were traveling from Singapore to Sydney when they got held up at the Scoot airline counter. The problem? One of their carry-on bags was overweight and they were asked to pay an extra fee of $130.  Some passengers would fight back, ask to talk to a manager ,or make a scene, but these two guys decided to simply wear their problem.

Piece by piece, the men started taking items out of their bag and putting them on. In the end, the boys were wearing multiple layers of underwear, sweaters, jackets, and hats. Our favorite part is the pair of shoes tucked into one mans pants. After all was said and worn, their bag was lighter, and they were spared the extra baggage fee. After their shenanigans, an airline staff member warned the pair and was overheard saying, “I am going to come to the gate and make sure you are still wearing everything.”

On Scoot’s website it states that carry-on bags can’t weigh more than 15kg, or 30 pounds.

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This photo was originally posted on Reddit by the user “stou” who wrote, ”These two guys were flying to Singapore from Sydney and their carryon was over the “free” weight limit so the airline, Scoot, wanted to charge them $130.”

The post went viral, and these two overdressed travelers gave us all a new tool to fight the system.

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