Passengers 'nervously watch' airline staff seemingly ignore lost luggage: 'Oh my god'

A group of flyers couldn’t believe the suspenseful journey a lost piece of luggage went through.

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TikToker @jackatyou filmed the hilarious incident from the Delta lounge in Nashville. After a suitcase fell off an airport vehicle, it seemed that no matter how clearly the bag was in plain sight, staff members wanted nothing to do with it.

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“Oh my god, this bag fell off of a car, and everyone in the Delta lounge is nervously watching it,” the video’s caption read.

In the clip, while a vehicle was transporting luggage from a plane to the airport, a pink suitcase fell off. The TikToker and a group of people in the Delta lounge watched out the window anxiously, waiting for someone to retrieve the lost luggage.

The onlookers watched as three different vehicles passed by the luggage. Each time, a worker stopped, looked at the suitcase, examined it, then left it on the ground. The crowd couldn’t help but laugh every time they thought someone was “coming to save the day.”

Finally, an employee did come around and retrieve the wayward baggage. The nerve-wracking experience, however, meant that @jackatyou “bonded with everyone at the Delta lounge in Nashville.”

The hilarious TikTok racked up 5.3 million views.

“The luck I have in life is THAT WOULD BE MY SUITCASE,” a user said.

“This was a movie. Fingernail biting and all. Good ending,” another wrote.

“I’ve worked on the ramp before. Delta only handles their bags. ATS handles interline, which is pretty much most airlines,” someone explained.

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