Passengers and Crew Fall Ill in Mystery Airline Emergency Landing

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It remains unclear what made American Airlines flight AA109 make an emergency landing on Wednesday night. (Photo: AP)

Details are still unfolding as to why an American Airlines flight en route to Los Angeles from London made an emergency landing on Wednesday.

According to reports, one flight attendant on flight AA109 collapsed and seven other people became sick. The captain of the flight declared a medical emergency and returned to London’s Heathrow airport when the plane was flying above Iceland.

“Those onboard were not allowed to disembark, nor paramedics allowed on to treat those unwell, until tests had been carried out for any ‘elevated levels of substances’ in the cabin air - analysis that yielded no answers,” the Daily Mail reported.

One airplane attendant “literally just fainted… just fell forward, put her hand out and hit the floor,” passenger Kris Evans told ABC News. “It was crazy.”

Lee Gunn, a passenger on the plane, told the Mirror Online: “About 2.5 hours into the flight just as we were passing Iceland we had a Tannoy announcement asking for any doctors, nurses or medical professionals on board to report to the boarding doors to assist with unwell passengers. The lights then came on in the cabin and there was lots of commotion. I’m a bit of a plane geek myself so thought 'here we go, Reykjavik here we come’ but it was announced about 20 minutes after we were going to divert back to LHR.”

The plane was met by paramedics at Heathrow.

Luggage was confiscated in order to be checked by authorities.