'Party Down' Is Finally Back. Here’s How You Can Watch.

party down season 3
'Party Down' Is Finally Back. Here’s How to Watch.STARZ

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IT's BEEN almost 13 years since the last episode of Party Down, but as time passed by, whispers for more episodes became full-volume conversations which eventually became complete screams. And in 2023, Starz is answering those requests, finally granting fans a long-awaited Season 3 of the beloved and always hilarious comedy series.

If fans are wondering how things pick up after such a lengthy hiatus, we're pleased to report that Party Down is back like it never left. While many of the characters find themselves in new situations—Adam Scott's Henry, for example, is now a teacher, and Ken Marino's Ron Donald is finalizing his purchase of the Party Down catering company—others, like Ryan Hansen's aspiring actor Kyle and Martin Starr's hopeful sci-fi writer Roman, are right where we left them. And while the years between seasons have found all of those actors keeping busy and working on other things, Season 3 picks up with the exact same chemistry that we loved in the first two seasons.

In fact, if someone was binging Party Down for the first time and didn't know that it had more than a decade in between seasons, they may not even realize that there was such a huge gap. Sure, some people have an extra wrinkle here or there—that'll happen. But those superficial changes (and, you know, the passage of time) are just about all that's different.

party down season 3

And while things have changed for some of the actors—star Adam Scott became a bonafide TV star with roles in Parks and Recreation, Big Little Lies, and now Severance, Ken Marino has popped up just about everywhere, just for a couple examples—not much has changed for the crew of characters since we last saw them catering former colleague Constance Carmel's (Jane Lynch) wedding.

But you don't want to know too much detail—you just want to watch Party Down. And we're here to help you out with that. As Henry once said: Are we having fun yet?

How can I watch Party Down Season 3?

You've got a couple options. The show is a Starz original, so everything is going to ultimately go through Starz. You can either download the Starz app or go to Starz.com and sign up for a subscription—the current deal being offered is $5 per month for the first 3 months, and then $8.99 per month after that—or you can take those same avenues and log in with your cable provider information, if you have one.

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You can also watch Party Down through Amazon video, which offers Starz through its own channels.

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The 6-episode third season of Party Down is being released for six consecutive Fridays, starting on February 24. The episodes will be available on the Starz app at midnight (Thursday into Friday), and will air on your linear Starz cable channel at 9:00 pm.

Can I watch Party Down on Starz for free?

The only way to watch for free is to sign up for Starz on Amazon, which will give you an initial 7-day free trial.

What if I want to watch the original Party Down?

party down season 3

If you're looking to rewatch the original Party Down, or somehow haven't seen the original two seasons, there are a few ways in which you can do that.

First, you can use the same avenues detailed above. The original Party Down series is available to stream on the Starz app and on Amazon, both with the Starz tie-in and also for rent/purchase.

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You can also watch the first two seasons of Party Down on Hulu.

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Is Party Down Season 3 on Netflix or Hulu?

Party Down is not on Netflix. And while the first two seasons of Party Down are indeed on Hulu, at this time, Season 3 is not.

Perhaps in the future that will change! But as of now, the only way to watch Season 3 of Party Down is on Starz, with either a subscription, a cable provider log-in, or through Amazon Prime Video.

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