Parrot's Over-the-Top Excitement Over Having Her Bath Gives Us all the Feels

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There's just so much pure joy in this video.

Have you ever tried giving your pet a bath? It's a nightmare! Well, at least it is for us. It takes careful planning to lure them into the bathroom because if they know what you're doing, they'll keep running away. And then it's always a fight to get them all lathered up, rinsed and repeat. Why can't pets enjoy bath time like this one adorable Parrot?!

Meet Schiele the Ringneck Parrot from Australia. In this parrot's most recent TikTok clip, posted to @facebeak, Schiele finally left her nest box and where she ends up is unheard of. Her owner finds her in the bathroom sink. Turns out she wanted a bath! The first one in nearly two months. Her reaction is downright adorable! Plus, you'll be wishing every pet had this over-the-top reaction for bathtime.  

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No wonder this clip has over 1.5 million views within the first day, it's so cute! We've never seen a pet get so excited for bathtime. And then did you hear the other bird singing with excitement to see Schiele out of her nest box?! Precious! 

"The little, 'Come on Mom I want a bath,'" pointed out @Casey Tierney476. Yeah mom, hurry up! It's been two months for crying out loud. LOL! @vanessamazey added, "The vocalisations!" Adorable! Have you ever heard any living thing cry like this to get a shower?! And the singing didn't stop as the water started. "Singing in the shower," said @Crimson_Angel184.  Excitement all the way through! 

@nurse.elly asked, "Why can’t people be this excited when I finally get out of bed 😂." Right?! We don't hear any one singing when we roll out of bed at 1 p.m. LOL! That's also because we're not as adorable as this little birdy!