Parrot Can't Stop and Won't Stop Singing Earth, Wind and Fire

Kiki the cockatiel, a parrot with more than 3 million TikTok followers, knows exactly what it feels like to have a song stuck in your head.

So much so that he has zero issue serenading his mom with the song at 7 in the morning.

The hilarious video was shared by the TikTok account for @Kiki.tiel and people can't get enough of this musical bird.

One person commented, "You didn’t turn it off, just snoozed it." Another added, "The way he looked at you and bobbed his head!" Someone else replied, "I think he remembers that day in September!"

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KiKi is also a big fan of 'If You're Happy and You Know It" judging by this video his owner uploaded in 2021 that had well over 6 million views.

As adorable as I think KiKi is, I think hearing that preschool ear worm in the middle of the night would be pretty frightening! I wonder if KiKi takes any requests?

What a smart bird though, and so funny! We can't wait to see what song he learns next.

How To Teach a Parrot To Talk

As with teaching any pet a skill, patience and consistency are key. Some parrots learn to speak on their own and mimic their owners, television shows, or sounds they hear throughout the day, and other parrots need a bit more encouragement. African Grey and Amazon parrots are considered among the best talking parrots.

Younger parrots have an easier time with speech training, A baby parrot will carefully listen to the sounds in its environment and attempt to mimic those noises. Talk frequently to your parrot, greet it each morning, and explain what you are doing. When you hand them a pice of fruit, tell them what fruit it is. When it's time for bed, wish them a goodnight. Your parrot will take its cues from you, as you are a "flock member," so it will absorb and emulate the routines you establish. This includes the sounds it hears in its environment.

Also, provide positive reinforcement and rewards when your bird repeats a word to you. This will only make them want to repeat that word again, so make sure the word you are teaching them is one you wouldn't mind your grandmother or child hearing! Or, you know, a song you don't mind listening to at 7 in the morning!

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