ParkerVision Calls for New Policies To Bring Computer Chip Development Back to the United States

Aggressive policies may be the only way to solve the semiconductor chip shortage

JACKSONVILLE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 12, 2021 / ParkerVision, Inc. (OTCQB:PRKR), a leader in advanced technologies for wireless computer chips believes our current chip shortage, which has delayed the manufacture of automobiles and consumer electronics, can be solved with new policies that promote production of computer chips in the United States.

The United States led in semiconductor production for decades. Over the last 20 years, it has shifted to Asia where it is cheaper to produce the chips. That system worked until the COVID pandemic created lockdowns, factory closing and then supply chain delays. Now, there are chip shortages across the board for almost every type or product that uses one, especially wireless devices.

"It's important to note there is a tight relationship between product design, development and chip manufacturing, they go hand in hand and result in innovative products that are the next generation of what people want and need," said Jeffrey Parker, ParkerVision Chairman and CEO. "With chip production moving to Asia, product design is gravitating there as well, and we have lost jobs domestically because of it. When we stop designing and rely on others for manufacturing, we limit the possibility of what we can create domestically. We need new policies and incentives to bring product design and the manufacture of semiconductor chips back to the US. As a result, we can build products from American chips, reduce our reliance on Asian built chips and create US jobs at the same time."

A recent study from the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) at Georgetown University noted that advanced semiconductor chips underpin all important technology today. In fact, the industry now dwarfs the automotive industry. The study called upon the United States to provide financial incentives to chipmakers to help build leading-edge chip factories in the United States. ParkerVision supports that recommendation as well as the other points noted in the study which includes:

  • Funding public-private partnerships to stimulate research and development in the semiconductor industry

  • Reduce unnecessary trade barriers

  • Challenge Chinese state subsidies for semiconductor production

Mr. Parker continued, "ParkerVision backs the recommendations in the CSET study. Getting our chip production back in the US is key to solving the chip shortage and protecting from it happening again in the future."

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