Park Ranger Blocks Trail From E-Moto Riders: "You Can't Ride Those Up Here"

In the last couple of years, electric dirt bikes have become very popular. This has meant that they have gotten into the hands of people not worried about riding them in areas where it is illegal to do so.

Watch one rider get stymied below as YouTuber Volted Adventures was surprised after being barred from riding his dirt bike on a mountain bike trail by rangers at his local stomping grounds.

In this video, Volted Adventures was riding his Surron toward the top of a mountain bike trail when he ran into some Rangers who politely told him that it was illegal for him to ride there.

In the video, the Surron rider began to negotiate with the authorities over a black-and-white rule. That usually works!

First, Volted Adventures took the classic route of implying that he was riding an e-bike. The ranger was very clear that the Surron is unequivocally a dirt bike.

To legally be an e-bike an electric bicycle must have pedal assistance. A motorcycle does not fit this category. See a helpful guide about legal e-bike categories below.

Electric Bike Legal Classifications<p> / The State of California</p>
Electric Bike Legal Classifications / The State of California

Volted's next tack was to play the "we go really slow” card. That classic also did not work on the ranger, who was firm that rules were rules. Eventually, Volted was forced to turn around.

The worst part about this video is that Volted Adventures has been warned multiple times about the legality of riding his Surron on bike trails. Last fall, a video of his went viral when a mountain biker politely said that his Surron was illegal in the park. Rather than listen and follow the rules, he called the mountain biker a Karen and buzzed away. A rulebreaker framing the people calling him out as acting out of line is truly maddening.

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The most infuriating part about this video is that as he was riding away and talking about how the ranger was nice to not give him a ticket, Volted Adventures saw another mountain bike trail and poached that! As he rode back to his vehicle, he was saying that he would go back for the trail, this time with more friends.

Though the ranger enforced the law for the trail for one day, Volted left with no intention of obeying the rules of the outdoor space. Hopefully, next time he breaks the law this rider will be held accountable in the form of a ticket.

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