Paris Hilton on the Kardashians, her Empire & What She’s Naming her First Child

“I feel like I was basically born a brand…at a very young age I decided I wanted to be the Paris Hilton brand,” the socialite tells editor-in-chief Joe Zee in the latest episode of Style Session. In an exclusive interview in Hilton’s New York apartment—it’s her new “drop by pad” where she says she’s excited to have “dope parties after hours”—the author/actress/DJ/mogul/designer/singer dishes on everything from her days on The Simple Life with Nicole Richie (she’s kept clothes from the show “as just, like, things to keep as a memory”), to how she helped make the Kardashians famous (Kim wouldn’t exist without her), to her style icons (Barbie and Victoria Beckham, namely), and what it takes to make $2 billion in fragrance sales (which she’s done over the last 10 years).

But that’s not all the 34-year-old blonde bombshell talks about: Hilton insists that party girl Paris isn’t forever; she’s serious about finding love—so serious, that she already knows what she’s naming her first child (who will be BFFs with North West). “Little baby London, I’m going to name her…or him!” Hilton reveals. “Whoever’s first is going to be named London.”

She may be the queen of pink, known for her universal “that’s hot” response, and recognized as someone who’s famous for being famous, but no matter what, Hilton is unfazed by tabloids or the inevitable chatter.

“Nothing gets past me,” she says. “I feel like I’ve turned out amazing and I’m proud of how I am.”

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