Paris Hilton demonstrates her at-home workout

Paris Hilton is staying fit by curling her luxury purses

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  • TikTok users are showing off their most disturbing Halloween costumes

    You probably remember your favorite Halloween costume from your childhood … but what about your least favorite. TikTok users are sharing not-so-glamorous costumes from years past, and though they miss the mark on execution, they’re hilarious. User madrubin told her mom in fourth grade that she didn’t just want to be one of the Jonas Brothers for Halloween — she wanted to be all of them. A different user, marleycathryn, shared video of herself dressed like Hamm, the piggy bank character from “Toy Story”. The costume turned out pretty well, but unfortunately she seemed to be the only person dressed up. TikTok user add150nm3y3r shared what might have been the most disturbing makeshift costume of all. She said she told her mom in preschool that she wanted to be E.T. for Halloween. When the costume came together, it was unconventional at best and disturbing at most

  • Google Earth users find unusually shaped object off the coast of Antarctica

    A perceptive Google Earth user discovered an abnormally shaped object near the coast of Antarctica, setting off a flood of comments from YouTube users. On August 7, a YouTuber who goes by MrMBB333 shared a compilation of images that his fans had found on Google Earth. Satellite images show what appears to be an “ice ship,” an iceberg that is shaped like a huge boat.

  • Never-before-seen Keanu Reeves 1986 audition tape leaks

    You wouldn't believe which popular actors also auditioned for parts in "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."

  • Proud cheetah poses with her four baby cubs at Vienna Zoo

    The Tiergarten Vienna Zoo welcomed four baby cheetahs in June. The cubs are a part of a European conservation breeding program which aims to protect the endangered species. The program bred a male, Ghalib, from Germany's Erfurt zoo and a female, Afra, from Tiergarten to get the litter.