Parents think their 6 year old is taking their picture when she’s actually recording a video

TikTokers are losing it over this sweet and hilarious video of these parents who thought their daughter was taking their picture when she was actually recording a video of them.

TikTokers De’Era and Walter Benniefield (@thebenniefields) are parents, entrepreneurs, and content creators who often post fun moments from everyday life with their daughter, Bella. Recently, the couple shared a hilarious video that was actually intended as a photo until their photographer, Bella, took matters into her own hands, and the result has viewers howling with laughter.

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The clip opens with a shot of the cute couple, dressed in coordinated fall outfits, posing outside in front of a scenic backdrop with a small waterfall and pond.

The couple mentions in the video’s caption that they had asked 6-year-old Bella to take their picture, but little did they know she had been recording the mini photoshoot the entire time.

“I LOVE you, mommy and daddy! I LOOOVE you,” Bella shouts from behind the camera, causing De’Era to start cracking up mid-pose.

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Like a seasoned pro, the mini photographer brings loads of energy to the shoot while De’Era, in a bright orange sweater dress, and Walter, in a matching orange knit hat, continue working it for the camera.

“Y’all so beautiful together,” Bella shouts as Walter gives De’Era a spin. Amused by their daughter’s encouragement, the couple continues to laugh and strike a pose before the video ends with Bella emotionally proclaiming, “Y’all, I love y’all!”

Viewers fell in love with the hilarious and wholesome family moment.

“How much does she charge per shoot? Wholesome energy,” one user complimented.

“I hope my offspring is my hype girl,” mentioned one TikToker.

Parents loving each other is the best thing you can do for a kid, and y’all are clearly killing it,” another viewer shared.

Based on Bella’s precious interaction with her parents, there definitely seems to be a lot of love in the Benniefield household.

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