Parents are stunned when son puts together elaborate slideshow for his Christmas list

This little boy donned a suit and tie and made a slideshow presentation to share his Christmas list with his parents!

Shelley Burch-Jackson (@shelley6108) is a parent and TikToker whose son decided to give his Christmas list a professional twist this year. The little boy put on a suit and tie and shared a slideshow presentation with his parents, detailing every item he hopes to receive for Christmas and where they can be purchased.

The hilarious video begins with Shelley and her husband entering their son’s bedroom to find him standing in front of his computer in a suit and tie. “This is my Christmas list,” Shelley’s son says, pointing at his computer screen. “Because, well, you know, with every child that celebrates Christmas comes a Christmas list!”

After delivering the professional sounding introduction, the boy dives into his list. He clicks on the next slide, revealing his first request: more RAM for his computer. “My PC desperately needs more [RAM],” the boy explains. “I have the link here and I can share this to you via email, okay?”

Next, the boy requests an Apex Legends-themed mouse pad. “It is very appealing to me,” the boy says. Then, to make the request more convincing, he exclaims, “It’s a low, low price of $35.95!”

Moving on to the next slide, the boy requests a Steam gift card to buy video games with. “I have the links for the $20, $50, and $100,” he helpfully explains. “Steam is what I buy games on for my PC and Spider-Man is on it, and I really want Spider-Man.”

On the final slide, the boy shows his parents the total combined cost of all his gifts. “I was thinking you guys could go 50/50 with Santa,” the boy notes as the video ends. “He pitches in like $60 and you pitch in $60. Boom! Christmas!”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the business-savvy little boy’s Christmas list presentation!

“If the suit of Michael Scott, the sales tactics of Jim Halpert, and the coolness of Ryan Howard were a person,” one viewer and Office fan joked.

“I would get this kid all of that and double the RAM he asked for,” another viewer wrote.

“Is he looking for a job in sales? If so, he’s hired,” joked another TikToker.

Shelley’s son might not get everything he asked for, but he certainly seems to have a knack for business!

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