Parents have no idea which identical twin they’re talking to in hilarious TikTok: ‘Who are you?’

This mom and dad can’t always tell their identical twin girls apart — and it’s hilarious.

The TikTok page @thefoxsaystwins is all about Jayna and Kinsley, 2½-year-old twin sisters. Although the girls are already toddlers, their strikingly similar features don’t always make it easy to tell them apart. Frankly, not even Mom and Dad have a chance sometimes.

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“When your twins are so identical, Mom and Dad can’t tell them apart,” the caption read.

In the footage, Mom and Dad were still in bed one morning. The couple was ready to watch some television when one of their twin girls walked in.

Dad: “Good morning, come on in. We were just firing it up. Come on into the bed.”

Mom: “I don’t even know which one that is.”

Dad: “That looks like Jayna.”

Mom: “Who are you?”

Twin: “Kinsley.”

Mom and Dad: “Kinsley!”

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The hilarious video racked up 26 million views and over 4 million likes on TikTok.

“This would 100% be me if I ever had identical twins,” a person said.

“Mine are 3½, and I still do this,” someone added.

“Sometimes I wonder how many identical twin parents accidentally switched their children once or twice before their kids could tell them who they were,” another wrote.

“Just wait until they’re old enough to realize they can switch places to mess with you,” a user commented.

“I nannied identical twins, and the mom always dressed them alike. So I started showing up early to dress them, so I knew who was who,” a TikToker said.

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