Parents of Nashville school shooting victims work with gunman’s parents to keep manifesto private

Nashville school shooting
Nashville school shooting

As previously reported by REVOLT, on March 27, Audrey Hale, 28, entered Covenant School and killed six people. During the massacre, the gunman also died after a shootout with police. The deadly Nashville, Tennessee elementary school shooting rattled the community and the nation.

In a shocking turn of events, several of the victims’ family members are now working with Hale’s parents. During a hearing held yesterday (June 8), the loved ones of the deceased joined forces to keep the attacker’s manifesto from going public. The sensitive documents were uncovered earlier this year and show that the shooter, who identified as transgender, pre-planned the fatal Nashville attack.

“During the course of this hearing, a real kind of gratuitous thing happened, and that is one of the lawyers for the parents introduced a criminal defense lawyer who says that he represents the parents of the shooter,” Doug Pierce, an attorney for the National Police Association, said in a statement to Fox News Digital yesterday. “He said that the shooter died without having a will and therefore has no other heirs, so whatever those writings, i.e., the manifesto, he says they belong to the parents, and the parents are going to assign their interest in those writings to the school.” Pierce shared that any materials seized as part of an investigation can be considered public information.

“If public officials take them into custody as part of their duties, which is what happened here when police took them, they become part of the public record,” Pierce added. Nashville authorities referred to the shooting as “calculated and planned.” Hale even reached out to a former classmate before claiming the lives of students and staff. “I’m planning to die today. THIS IS NOT A JOKE! You’ll probably hear about me on the news after I die. This is my last goodbye. I love you. See you again in another life. Audrey (Aiden),” Hale told Averianna Patton. As a child, the 28-year-old attended the Christian school where the attack was carried out.

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